How To Apply Concrete Sealer & Stain

Sealing and then staining your finished concrete project adds both protection and value to your project. Hence, you must know how to correctly apply a sealer and stain to concrete. A sealer works to protect the project from water, chemicals, and traffic that can cause damage to the concrete in the long run. On the other hand, a stain adds a great pattern into the project to improve its aesthetic value.

With the benefits these materials provide to your project, you cannot afford to make mistakes in the process of applying them. Therefore, before even touching that concrete project of yours, better check out these ways in properly applying sealer and stain to concrete:

Concrete sealer application

  • Choose a sealer. The market offers different kinds of sealers such as epoxy, acrylic, and urethane. Epoxy and acrylic both protect the concrete from any kind of penetration only that the first one works better. On the other hand, urethane works to help the concrete resist abrasion.
  • Prepare the concrete to be sealed. Make sure that there is no dirt on the surface. Clean it with soap and water thoroughly.
  • Remove lime from the concrete's surface. This can be done using either muriatic acid or vinegar. Combine the vinegar or muriatic acid with water and spray the solution to the surface. Then, wash the surface thoroughly with water.
  • Apply the sealer. Spray or brush the sealer depending on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Take note that the process of application depends on the type of sealer you are using. Make the coat even and then allow it to completely dry. Follow instructions on the can if you will need a second coating.

Concrete stain application

  • Allow the concrete sealer to dry. It is important that the sealer is dried off completely before you apply stain onto the surface. Take note that different kinds of sealers dry off differently. Some will take several days while others only require several hours.
  • Prepare the stain solution. You have the option to add certain agents to change the color of the stain once it hits the concrete. Prepare this solution and test it first before applying it to the actual concrete project. This will help you experiment on colors that will give you great satisfaction when applied to the concrete.
  • Apply the stain. There are several methods that can be used to apply stain on concrete. You can use a paint brush or spray. It can also be done by coating first certain objects with the solution and then laying them down in the concrete to create patterns. Decide what kind of finish you wish the project to have. From there, apply the stain in a manner that will help you best achieve the design you prefer.
  • Let the concrete stain dry. Wait for several hours so that the stain will completely dry off on the surface. However, if you want to add a second coating for added colors, do so while the first coating is not dry yet.

The process of concrete sealing and staining is an important part in completing your concrete project. Be it a pathway, flooring, or any other kind of project, it is always a good idea to seal and stain it. However, make sure that the application is done correctly and smoothly. If not, you will ruin the actual benefits the seal and the stain can provide to the project.


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