How To Arrange Bath Towels

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The bathroom may seem to be the one place in the house that gets the least attention from people. However, it still deserves your special care too. Not only does it need constant cleaning as you probably always do. It also needs some arranging and adorning just like the more populated parts of the house. Take for instance, the bath towels. While you usually just let them hang inside your bathroom, you can arrange them in an orderly and eye-catching manner. You can also make sure that the color of your towels will complement the bathroom decor as well. Here are some suggestions in arranging batch towels:

  1. Put together a bath towel, a washcloth, and a small hand towel of the same color. They may be in solid colors or printed with designs as long as they have the same dominant color. Place the towel first by draping it on the towel bar. Place the towel for the hands, in the same manner, over the big towel. Then do the same with the washcloth on the smaller towel.
  2. You may want to fold the towels first before draping them. Put these on the floor. Take one edge and fold it towards the center. Do the same with the other edge. This will provide the towels with seamless fold. Hang them on the bar following the instructions in Step 1.
  3. Pick about six towels that have complementing colors. Fold them into half then roll them. Knot a ribbon at the center of every rolled towel to secure it. You may also employ a small belt although a ribbon is nicer to look at. Put these in the bathroom shelf in the arrangement of a pyramid.
  4. You may also keep your towels well hidden to keep them away from dust or to rid the bathroom of too many hanging items. Put a basket on the shelf. Fold the towels first then put them there. The size of the basket will depend in the size of the towels. Of course, if you have guests in the house, you will need to inform them where the towels are.
  5. Once the towels are in use, bathroom users will need a place where they can hang them. They should be in locations easy for them to reach after taking a bath. To accommodate these, place metal hooks on the wall just an arm’s reach from the shower. Screw these hooks also on each side of the tub. Make sure that the towels can be removed easily without much force.

No matter how well you arrange your towels, they can always be in disarray in just a day. This is because towels are primarily not for decoration. People will use them and they may not be able to arrange them in the same way that you did. You just have to patiently rearrange them again or you can inform the rest of the household how it should be done.


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