How To Arrange Clothes in the Closet

Have you ever experienced needing something really badly from your closet but because it's so messy, you can't find it? Imagine you have an interview for a job you've been eyeing forever, and you want to look your best for it. On the morning of your interview, you wake up late and you have to rush. Then you look for your best power suit and you just can't find it! Worse, your favorite black pumps are nowhere to be seen. You can avoid panicky moments like this one by arranging the clothes in your closet properly.

  • The first rule is to partition. Separate your clothes from your underwear, shoes and accessories. You can even divide your clothes into smaller categories such as work clothes, everyday clothes, formal clothes, sleeping apparel, and the like. Put small pieces of clothing together, like handkerchiefs, socks and stockings.
  • Clear out your closet. Take a good look at it, so you'll know how to maximize the space. If a cabinet can fit inside, then think of including one, so you can hang your formal clothes there. The cabinet will keep your formal clothes dirt-free. Choose a cabinet that won't make your clothes smell musty and moldy. Position the cabinet in such a way that you can still have easy access to the other parts of your closet.
  • One way of maximizing the space is by adding shelves to your closet. Make sure that when you add shelves, they are of sturdy quality. Don't place them where you can't reach them. However, if the only way you can add shelves is to put them in a high position, then buy a small stool on which you can stand when getting stuff from the shelves.
  • Also, put light stuff on upper shelves, so even if they fall, they won't injure anyone. You can put towels and blankets on these upper shelves. Once you've installed shelves, put labels on their sides, so you'll be reminded of where to put what. Be strict and follow the labels. Always place things that you use everyday on eye-level shelves, so you won't have a hard time getting them when getting dressed.
  • Consider buying shoe boxes or a shoe rack for your shoes. This will prevent you from tripping on them when you're checking out your closet for what to wear. There are now transparent shoe boxes available in the supermarket, so even if you don't put labels outside the boxes, you can easily see what shoes they contain.
  • You can also make use of your closet doors. You can attach hooks on them where you can hang some of your bags and purses. You can also buy closet organizers that you can hang from these hooks. Small things like your accessories will be perfectly placed on these closet organizers. 

If you only have a cabinet for a closet, don't worry. The rules given above can still apply. Always partition your clothes into categories. Place things that you usually use on the cabinet's lower shelves. Label your shelves and follow them.

Remember, a clutter-free closet will also make you headache-free. So maximize your closet space and organize your stuff. Enjoy going through your closet!


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