How To Arrange Furniture

An integral part of making your home look interesting and feel comfortable is the way you arrange various pieces of furniture around the house. This need not mean spending thousands of dollars to hire a professional interior decorator or buying expensive furniture and accessories! It is possible to work with the materials you have on hand, whether old or new, and make your home look like those glossy pictures in design magazines! Follow the helpful guidelines listed in this article to make your home look inviting and then prepare for the compliments and accolades which follow!

Step 1

Getting the measurements right. Before placing any furniture, pay attention to details such as the shape and size of the room. With a tape measure, note down the dimensions of the room and the available space. Take into account the placement of doors and windows, electrical outlets, phone and cable requirements, source of light - natural and artificial, etc.

Step 2

Choose a ‘centre'. When you plan a design for the arrangement of furniture, identify one central point from which the rest of the design and placement will flow. This could range from a wall-to-wall entertainment unit, a fireplace, built-in shelves or a wall painted in a bright and contrasting color to the rest of the room. Plan to arrange your furniture keeping this point in focus.

Step 3

Accounting for space. When placing furniture, make sure that you don't block the paths to entry and exits from the room and there must be ample space to facilitate easy and frequent mobility between different pieces of furniture.

Step 4

Grouping furniture. Place similar pieces of furniture together depending on the use they will be put to. For example, in the living room, place a sofa set opposite the focal point and at a suitable distance, such as a fireplace or entertainment unit. If the room is a library or study, take into account the placement of the bookshelves; place a couple of comfortable chairs around a circular table, where people can sit and read. Make it a point not to push furniture against the walls; the placement should be ideally concentrated towards the center of the room.

Step 5

Update the look. Experiment with different settings when arranging furniture, until you find a placement which is not only comfortable, but also complements the rest of the décor. You can keep the look fresh and interesting by changing the setting every 6 months or so, adding or removing pieces of furniture, if you so wish.

There is no fixed formula or method when it comes to arranging furniture. What works for you may not be the right design for another. Just keep in mind that you and your family need to feel comfortable with the arrangement, it is safe for small children to run around, and the overall look is aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.


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