How To Arrange Furniture in a Small Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the rooms in the house where arranging furniture is easiest and less challenging. Even those who are not decorators will find that the task is simple to do, especially if this comes with a little planning and a lot of ideas. Follow these easy guides to make your bedroom the wonderful sleep sanctuary you envision it to be.

The Bed

  1. The center or focal point to any bedroom is, of course, the bed. It is the most important furniture there. Begin by looking at the room and finding the best side or wall in which to put the bed. It is usually the widest side.
  2. Make sure that the placement of the bed is without any obstruction. If it's blocking the entrance to the bathroom or the opening of a closet, then it's not the best place for it.
  3. Arranging the bed at an angle, such as a diagonal placement, will look very dramatic. But this may take up too much space in a smaller bedroom. Go for the unilateral, safe arrangement instead and just play around with other pieces.
  4. Never place the bed under the window that is frequently opened. Not only is this bad Feng Shui, it's also bad sense. Windows can invite drafts that will leave you feeling sick all the time, especially during the colder weather. If you must place the bed under a window though, keep this closed at all times, or cover the window with thicker curtains.
  5. Visually, a lower bed makes the room appear larger, so consider getting this type instead.

Nightstands, Closets and Other Pieces

  1. To maximize the space, consider a headboard that can also double as shelves, or as a replacement to the nightstand.
  2. But if you have to have a nightstand, pick a piece that has a more open design or a glass top that will help create the illusion of space.
  3. If you have to put something by the foot of the bed, do away with a footboard and instead have a bench that doubles as a trunk. This again helps make use of the limited space. The bench can work as a seating/resting area, while the trunk is for storage space for linens, blankets or towels.
  4. Work on the vertical space by getting taller furniture (e.g. dresser, TV cabinet, armoire) as these may also offer a few more storage area. If your budget allows this, a customized floor to ceiling shelves will also be a great way to maximize space in a small bedroom.
  5. If you have a bigger closet space that can accommodate the dresser, put this inside. With the dresser out of the way, more floor space to the bedroom will be made available.
  6. Having a full-length mirror installed on one wall of the room will be very interesting. It will open up the space, giving the illusion that the bedroom is bigger.

The biggest challenge to a small bedroom is making use of space. Take advantage of areas like under the bed and try to eliminate the clutter, as this will make the room cramped and too stuffy to be a good place to rest, relax and sleep.


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