How To Arrange Gerber Daisies

Gerbera or Gerber daisies are ideal for flower arrangement in containers and vases. These capricious flowers were first discovered in Southern Africa then brought to Northern America during early 1920s. There’s a variety of colors in these 3-5 inch bloom wonders that will hook you in lucid rainbow colors like pink, yellows, reds, oranges, and white. Below are instructions on how to arrange Gerber daisies.

  • Select your desired vase for flower arrangement. Contrasting color vases like black or white will bring out the vivid bold colors of your daisies. Don’t limit your choice on flower vases. You can use glass soda bottles, used coffee cans, or Chinese takeout boxes. There’s a sense of aesthetic if you’ll add some designs yourself on your do-it-yourself vase or container. You can copy designs from the Internet or magazines, and if you’ll a little artistic, then make your own original designs.
  • Fill your container or vase half-full with water. If you’ll use an opaque vase, you can put floral foam on its base. Glass containers will compliment clear containers or vase. Ensure to soak the floral foam entirely before putting it to the vase or container.
  • Cut the daisies for your desired height in accordance to the height of your container or vase. The stems must be cut at 45-degree angle. Cut your flowers under running water so they’ll stay fresh. Then dip the stem of the daisies in boiling water for 20 seconds before putting them in a cool water container for few hours before arranging them.
  • Bind floral wire around the daisies’ stems if they’re weak. Begin under the daisies. Wrap downwards.
  • Put your Gerber daisies in your container or vase. If your vase is tall, arrange the height of the daises in your hand before putting them in the vase. The taller daisies must be in the middle of your bouquet. Put your bouquet of daisies into your container or vase.
If your container is short, cut first the stems of the flowers according to desired and appropriate height, then set a floral foam in the container’s base before inserting one flower stem. Insert a stem one at a time into the floral foam. The daisies must be intact for a fuller arrangement. Add enough water to your container or vase.
  • Change water every several days so your daisies will sustain freshness so they’ll last longer. Gerber daisies can last to 7-10 days if arranged. Daisies are still beautiful even if you accidentally break their stems while arranging them. Just cut their stems not more than 2 inches, and let the flower float in a wine glass. You can put it in your center table and fascinate family and friends.

Arranging beautiful flowers like Gerber daisies is a therapy for the mind, body, and soul. Arranging them is already soothing, what more if you’re seeing them everyday in your backyard or kitchen. There are many beautiful and fragrant flowers. Learn ikebana and apply it to them. You can do it as a hobby or even as a business. Daisies are endearing to the eyes so you can sell them easily if you want to. People will always love flowers, and flowers will always fascinate and help people remember beautiful things and thoughts.


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