How To Assemble a Meat Grinder

Want to make meatballs or sausages for dinner with family and friends? Interested in preparing your own meals? A meat grinder can help you grind your personally selected slabs of meat. Unlike the one-size-fits-all grinders in most supermarket meat sections, a home meat grinder can allow you to choose the exact type of grind that you need - whether fine or mush, or larger grinds that create minced meats. Here are ways to assemble your meat grinder.

Manual meat grinders.  One of the usual types of meat grinders is the manual meat grinder. These come in various sizes, but the general structure is the same. These usually have a large funnel shaped opening on the top where the meat will be placed. At the bottom of the meat funnel are inter-locked jagged corners with very sharp metal teeth. At the bottom or end part of the meat grinder is the spout where the ground meat will be turned.

  1. Assembling these manual meat grinders involves connecting the meat funnel, usually through the threads found in the top opening.
  2. Move the funnel in a clockwise position to lock it into place.
  3. Some meat grinders also have compartments at the side of the body where the grinding bits are inserted. Simply take the teeth from the separate packaging in the box and slide into place, then lock the compartment. Removable grinding bits helps to make clean-up easier.
  4. Finally, clamp the meat grinder into the counter. Some meat grinders have separate cranks that need to be screwed on to place.

Automatic. Modern meat grinders, however, are more advanced.

  1. You can set up these electricity operated and automatic meat grinders by just inserting the grinder head into the machine. The machine powers the grinder bits.
  2. Lock the grinder head into place, usually by a simple push or by rotating the grinder head into place. The top of the grinder head has a funnel where meat is placed, and a core where the grinding bits are located. When affixed to the machine, the core's small pins will lock with the drill bit in the actual machine. These will power the core's teeth to move and grind the meat.
  3. Most of the assembly will only require you to plug or screw on the pieces. The pieces that can be attached are the funnel, a platform for holding and weighing meat, and additional grinder teeth for various types of meats and various levels of grinding.

Remember that the type of food you are working on will determine the type of ground meat that you will have. You should always add a fair amount of natural fat to the meat that you intend on grinding. This will help add flavor to the meat, as well as giving the ground meat more color. The fat will also help keep the ground meat together, which is especially useful if you are making dishes that require you to mold the meat into balls. Once you have assembled your meat grinder, you are ready to cook your culinary masterpieces.


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