How To Attach Phone Cords to a Wall

Excess lines be it electrical wires, cable lines, or phone cords can not only be messy for the aesthetically pleasing home, but it can also pose a hazard to the people in your house or office and your phone itself. Often times you can simply call on the services of your telephone company to lay down the cords and stick it to the corners to avoid anyone tripping over it at home. But, for the handy man in a lot of you, putting up extension lines, decorating, or moving, here are some basic guidelines as to how to go about attaching phone cords to the wall. You will need phone cord clips, the flat types, some floor covering, and twist ties.

  1. Clean your wall. Once you have determined where you would like the cord to run. Use a cloth soaked with mild bath soap and wipe the wall area clean of any debris, dirt, or smudges. This will make sure that once you stick your clips, it stays stuck on the wall since it is on a clean surface with no grimes or dirt in-between surface and adhesive keeping it from falling off.
  2. Attaching. This part simply requires that you remove the adhesive slip from the back of the clip and stick it to the wall. Leave a few inches of space in-between each clip, depending on your preference, but 18 inches of space will do. But try to see how many inches will better accommodate your spacing.
  3. Position and location. Several instances depending on your creativity and style, or where your phone is located, you will have to cross your cord along the ceiling corners. So be prepared with your ladder to attach these clips onto the ceiling corners. Try to stick it in-between ceiling and wall. Those nooks and corners are the perfect inconspicuous location. 
  4. Placing the cord. Slowly place and run the cords along the clips you have placed on the wall. Make sure it is placed into the clips tightly, but not too taut as you may need some allowance in case it gets tugged.
  5. Cover it. Depending on your taste you might want to cover those hazardous, unpleasant cords running across the floor going towards the wall. If you are crude, use any type of tape. Packaging or duct tape usually does the trick. But if you’re going for taste and aesthetics, you can use a cord carpet cover. 
  6. Coiling the excess. You realize you might have bought a few more meters of cord than necessary. Simply coil the excess near where your phone is, or near the phone outlet. Preferably near the phone outlet. But to leave a few inches of free cord just in case it get tugged or pulled by someone using the phone. 

These basic guidelines should easily get you on your way to attaching that nasty phone cord on the wall. Take it easy and have fun!


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