How To Be an Earth Friendly Grocery Shopper

Today, almost everything is easy to find, fix, acquire and eliminate.  Large factories and giant manufacturers of chemicals grow in every corner of the cities, like flowers growing in gardens, to create newer hi-technology gizmos that we do not even need.  Mankind often forgets that for every action, there is always a price to pay.  You may not experience it today or even in your lifetime, as it might occur 50 to 100 years or more from now.  But the sure thing is, someone will always have to pay for the mistakes that has been made. 

As the age of technology quickly progresses, a disturbing realization has come to face us heads on—the Earth's resources have started to dwindle.  This makes the ecosystem go out of balance, causing the global climate to go haywire.  As the old saying goes, “It is better late than never.”  This is applicable for all people who want to veer out of this destructive path.  By being environmentally conscious, it will help preserve and protect Mother Nature.  You can start by being an earth friendly grocery shopper.  Sounds mundane?  Believe it or not, these simple things that you can do to help protect our environment does make a big difference.  Here's how to do it.

  1. Bring your own bag.  Bringing a bag for your groceries minimizes the use of plastic and paper.  You are actually helping to decrease the production of plastic, which is non-biodegradable and consists of harmful chemicals to both Nature and humans.  You are also saving trees by consuming less paper, and by recycling, you are preventing the increase of trash that causes floods and health issues.
  2. Love your own.  It would greatly help if you start buying goods or any kind of merchandise that are created and made from your country.  By doing this, you are not only supporting the welfare of your own people, but also, you are lessening the pollution by not buying products imported by huge vehicles such as airplanes, cargo ships or trucks.  They consume large amounts of gas, adding up to the pollution hence, harming the environment. 
  3. The less packaging, the better!  Try not to buy products with elaborate plastic packaging on it.  Get the ones that are simply packed or better yet, paper packed goods. You are discouraging the use of plastic and trash.
  4. Go organic!  This is extremely helpful not only for the environment but it is very good for your health as well.  Check what the product contains and make sure there are no chemicals included in. This will discourage manufacturers from producing more chemicals that are harmful to your health, to the ozone layer and to Mother Nature.
  5. Go to the nearest grocery store.  The nearer your destination, the lesser gas you consume.  Or you can always opt for riding a bike.  Gas produces harmful smoke that can be dangerous to your health and to Mother Earth.

These tips are very easy to maintain.  Remember, avoid being wasteful and learn to conserve energy.  Everything that you do counts, so better start now, before it’s too late.


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