How To Benefit from Reroofing

Re-roofing is an option few homeowners consider. Roofing is seen as a huge financial undertaking usually left to professionals. Re-roofing, however, is an alternative that can work. In a re-roof job, the contractor will lay down a new roof on top of the old one, rather than taking everything off, which is called a “tear-off” roof job. The benefits to re-roofing are many, but the biggest ones are health, practical, and financial.

Health Reasons to Re-Roof

Water leaking into your home or run-off from rain or melting snow provides a place for bacteria to flourish. Even a small leak in your room can allow in mold, fungi, and other inhabitants that can cause respiratory and other problems. Re-roofing helps reduce those problems by closing up any leaks, and if you replace some of the roof’s decking or flashing, you eliminate even more potential health problems.

Practical Reasons to Re-Roof

Some rooftops look old because they have faded or are made with a less-than-appealing roofing material. Replacing the roof allows the new homeowner to put her own touch on the roof and to update the look of the home. Also a re-roofing, rather than tear-off, job will allow the homeowners the chance to stay in the house while work is being done since the roof won’t be torn off in sections. Re-roofing jobs also allow for the addition of solar panels and other green-energy producers for less money.

Financial Reasons to Re-Roof

Money is probably the biggest motivator for people who re-roof, and the benefit here is enormous. For starters, when a contractor tears off the old roof, he spends time working on the tear-off job. The time spent equals money to pay workers, and by not going through this step, you can save significant money on the project. In most places, contractors also have to rent dumpsters, and not needing to do so will reduce the cost.

If the current roof is in good shape, the contractor will not have to put down paper squares before laying down the new shingles, which can save up to $10 per square foot off the job. The contractor also won’t need to factor in costs for plastic coverings and other expenses related to weather protection during the project. Finally, once the re-roofing job is done, the extra layer of roofing materials will better insulate the house and cost less for heating and cooling.

Overall the benefits of re-roofing suggest investing in this type of project if your home is able to withstand a re-roofing job.  A good contractor should look at your roof and measure it, as well as walk the roof, to see if your house can withstand the weight and to make sure the current roof is in good enough shape.


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