Building Backyard Playgrounds: Outdoor Playground Equipment

Learn Ideas for Children’s Playground Equipment to Construct in Your Own Backyard

Playground equipment

It is always nice to be able to take the children to the playground and spend lots of time with them. But, alas, with time constraints, traffic and more, we can't do this on a more regular basis. So, why not turn your back yard into the ultimate outdoor playground?

If you are on a tight budget, never fear, there are still ways to make the playground of your child's dream. First off plan out whether you will be using the entire back yard or a portion. If it is only a portion of the yard, you have a limited about of space and you will want to utilize it to the best of your advantage.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do for your child. Follow these steps for how to build a backyard playground to serve as your child's personal playground.

  1. Swing sets. Backyard playsets often include swing sets. Many supercenters now carry them to use in backyard playgrounds. You can pick up a swing set at around $50.00 to over $300 depending on what you are looking for in the set.
  2. Build a sand box. All you need are 4 8'X8' 4"X4" boards, weed netting and sand. This can be put together for about $150.00. Add in a few fun toys for your little one and you have a day long play time.
  3. Build a play house. Okay, for those creative types that like to work with your hands, make this a part of your playground equipment. You can get a hold of free wood for this one. Many companies around the cities get shipments of materials delivered on wooden flats. These flats can be easily taken apart or even cut apart to create boards that can be used for this project. The wood is good and strong and makes nice side panels. It can handle the weather pretty good. If you choose to paint the building, check with a neighbor see if they have any spare paint or check your own shed. You can also check with some of the home improvement centers for the "oops" cans. These are typically colors that were mixed incorrectly, you can sometimes pick up a gallon for under $5.00 because the stores are just looking to get rid of them.
  4. Create a teepee. You will need 8 2"x2" boards, 2 large floor canvas that you use to catch paint splatters on. Get some paint out, like acrylic, and have your children help you decorate. You can find the building instructions online by doing a simple search.

If you have a big enough space, you could even combine several of these ideas to create a fun environment for your children. Backyard playsets for kids are also great ideas for families who wish to attract other children to their home in lieu of their own children playing elsewhere.


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