How To Build a Balcony

Balcony view

If you are tired with the way your house looks from the outside, building a balcony may be the right choice for you.  By adding a balcony to your house, the appearance of the house will change considerably.  The new look will be more appealing and will add class and style.  Building a balcony may seem as though it would be challenging with many options to consider, but following a few simple steps will make the project easy to complete.

Step 1: One of the most important steps is to get the required materials.  When building a balcony you will need: pressure treated lumber, a drill wood screws, wood adhesive or glue, lag bolts, a saw, a carpenter square, level, and a measuring tape.  These essentials will help you along the way.

Step 2: This step consists of designing the balcony.  The first thing is to consider the size of the balcony along with the type of wood would best suit the project.  When building an outdoor balcony, it is best to use pressure treated wood.  This type of wood will hold up the best and is made to withstand bad weather.  Once the balcony is designed, it is time to go to a local hardware store and purchase all of the equipment and materials necessary.

Step 3:  With everything purchased, you can begin installing the balcony.  To begin, cut the wood and floor joists to the desired measurements based on the design.  Once these are cut, nail the pieces and secure them in place with the lag bolts.  These pieces will act as the support for the sub floor, so it is important that they are extremely secure with the bolts.  For best results, the bolts should be at least six inches.

Step 4:  Once the supports are installed, you can begin installing the sub floor.  To install this, you will need to use plywood.  Begin laying the sub floor and secure it with both screws and glue.

Step 5:  In this step, you will be building and installing hand rails into the sub floor.  Before starting, make sure that the corner support posts are secured.  Once they are secure, cut the hand rails into the preferred size.  Next, place the hand rail into the supports and secure them.

Step 6:  Using any type of outdoor flooring material, you can now install the floor.  Place the material on top of the sub floor and secure it into place.  Once this step is complete, your balcony should look great.  You can add some personal finishing touches, such as staining or painting the balcony.  Once the personal touches are finished, you can admire your work and plan your next building project!


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