How To Build a Basic Electronic Circuit

To build a basic electronic circuit is quite simple. It is akin to having a battery connected to a light or an electric motor. You should have adequate power and clean connections between terminals. The motor or the light will be blown out if you have too much power, while inadequate power is not enough for the light or motor to work. And you cannot complete a connection without clean wiring.

These steps will guide you on how to make a basic electronic circuit.

  • Get a load. In making a basic electronic circuit, you can use a simple load such as that of an electric lamp, motor or buzzer. Search for some components, preferably ones with low power, at an electronics store.
  • Buy some batteries and the one you will use as power supply. You will need a power supply that is equal or close to the voltage of components in this kind of circuit. For instance, you will need a 6 volt battery holder for your buzzer that is rated to have a 6.7 volt current. You can purchase a battery holder that is made for the size batteries you wish to use, such as AAA, AA, C, D, or nine volt batteries.
  • Purchase or produce all the things that you will need. You can buy a small single pull single throw switch (SPST switch) and anything that you like to use in wiring on a shop that supplies electronics. Solder and copper wires will make you circuit permanent while jumper can let you change the circuit and can easily make connections that are clean.
  • Check your component’s terminals. There will be two terminals for the load, the switch and the battery pack. Then, the terminals will be connected with each other using a copper wire or jumpers.
  • Connect one of the terminals of the battery to the circuit’s switch. The proper way to do this is by putting the end of a single wire that is exposed to one of the terminals of the switch then soldering the circuit connection. If you are using jumpers, the proper way to do is to clip one jumper lead to the wire’s exposed end and another to the terminals of the switch. Do this alternately.
  • Connect the other switch terminal to your load (the thing that you want to put some power to work). Again, you can choose to use between the permanent connection and the jumper. You have to put on the jumper’s clip to the other terminal of the switch to your load. And if you chose to use the copper wires, you have to connect the exposed wire to the load by soldering it.
  • Install the batteries. After finishing the attachment of circuit’s wire, the next thing to do is to put the batteries in. Attach the other load terminal to the battery holder’s free terminal. Then switch it on when the batteries are in place.

You can recycle some old toys or use a Christmas light motor. But you have to check if it is still working and if it is still safe to use. As a safety reminder, always use a soldering iron with its low power, as using high heat can damage some of your equipment.


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