How To Build a Bench Swing

A bench swing is an excellent item to add to any backyard, porch, or deck.  A bench swing provides a relaxing sitting alternative, which can be enjoyed by yourself or while seated with a loved one.  Building a bench swing is pretty easy, and can be accomplished by almost anyone and with very little money.  The article will give you the step needed in how to build a bench swing.
The first step in how to build a bench swing is site selection.  Bench swings are commonly found on a front porch or in someone’s backyard.  A bench swing is often found hung over a heavy tree branch.  After selecting a site, you should determine what size of a bench swing seat you want.  For an individual person, the seat is normally three feet wide and two feet deep.  A bench swing meant for two people is often five feet wide.
The next step in how to build a bench swing is to gather all necessary supplies.  You will need at least 20 feet of hardwood, a drill, screws, four hooks, and heavy duty rope.
The next step in how to build a bench swing is to start the building process.  First you will want to attach some long hardwood to form a seat.  Screw the four pieces of wood in a rectangular shape.  If you need to cut wood, be sure that the pieces are accurately measured.  The length of the wood pieces will depend on your chairs specifications.  If you are building a back frame, you will then attach the one foot pieces of wood to the back.

The next step in building a bench swing is applying the arm rests.  You will want to cut two pieces of wood a foot long, and another two will be two feet long.  Install the one foot pieces of wood upright at the front corners of the chair.  The two foot piece of wood will then attach to the higher end of the one foot piece, and the back support of the chair.
The next step in how to build a bench swing is to provide the seating support.  This can easily be done by adding one piece of hardwood in the middle of the bottom frame, and then covering with a piece of plywood.  Other people prefer installing pieces of hardwood every across the bottom frame, with half inch spacing between each piece.
The last step is hanging the bench swing.  You will need to install hooks in the four corners of the bottom frame, which will need to be large enough for heavy rope to pass through.  The swing shall finally be hung by hanging the rope hung over a heavy tree branch, which can support at least 200 pounds.


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