How To Build a Breakfast Island

This version of a breakfast island will be a free standing piece, with seating at either side of the table an open end for access at one side.

Begin by determining the size of the area where the island will be. You'll want to allow at least 3' (three feet) of open area at one side for access.

Once you have the location, imagine this area as a square and find the center. Calculate the optimum clearance at one side and the remaining will be the length of the island.

The depth, that is the distance from the back of one seat to the back of the opposite seat will depend on the area, and you'll want a minimum of 18" wide seats, and a top that overhangs each seat by 6".

Do the math and let’s say you've come up with a depth of 6'. The top will be approx 34" wide.

Begin by assembling the base, which is three sides. The (2) long sides will be your length and these will be 20" high. The end piece will be the depth x 32" high. Now you have a 3 sided assembly with one end taller than the two sides. The taller end will support the table top.

With this 3 sided box in place, on its edges, attach (2) end pieces at the open side, 20" high x 18". This will be the base for the seat. Level across from the top of this piece, strike a mark on the opposite side and place a 1-1/2" ledger below the mark on each side. This will support the seats.

Next, install a 1-1/2" strut from the seat ends to the back, (taller piece), on level and flush with the front of the seats. Cut the seats to size, apply glue to the top of the ledger and the top of the open side and attach the seats with wood screws. You may elect to overhang the seat at the open end.

Cut the table top to a size that allows 4" to 6" overhang of the leading edge of the seats. Set the top aside for now.

The top must be braced and these braces will be installed next. Using 2-1/2" pieces, construct (20 "L" configurations with the side, or leg from the floor to 2-1/2" below top height. Cut the arm the length of the top and attach these pieces to form and "L". Now, cut (2) triangles, approx 12" each side and lay these over the "L" at the corner. Attach with glue and screws. These pieces will attach to the tall end approx 3" inside of the table top edges. Attach through the end piece with screws and glue. Set the top in place and attach with the same method.
Cut (2) pieces as seat faces, either overhanging or flush on the open side and attach to seats. This completes the piece.

Sand, seal and stain or paint as desired.


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