How To Build a Brick Driveway

Installing brick driveway

Brick driveways add charm to a home, often setting it apart from surrounding homes in the neighborhood. Building a brick driveway for a home does not require a team of professionals; the average homeowner will have no trouble building their own brick drives in a matter of weeks.

Step One

Shovel out the area for the driveway. You will need a dug out area as deep as three-fourths the thickness of the bricks you intend to use. For large areas, you may consider hiring a licensed backhoe driver or other license professionals; this is especially true when pavement and large graveled areas must be removed in order to place the driveway.

Step Two

Level out the area; if you end up with a completed area that is deeper at one end than at the other, that is fine as long as the area is level.

Step Three

Decide on what kind of pattern you will use on the driveway. You may use any pattern you decide on that causes the bricks to align perfectly with little or no gaps. Some examples of brick driveway patterns include the traditional staggered pattern done with most brick structures, aligning all bricks evenly in one direction to make more of a grid pattern, or making various rows with pointing different directions or in different patterns.

Step Four

Place the edge or border pieces of the brick driveway first; this will keep you from messing up any patterns or going over or under the necessary length or width of the driveway.

Step Five

Use a rubber mallet to press the edge or border pieces as closely together as possible. Do not use mortar or cement on a brick driveway; if mortar or cement is used, the bricks cannot flex under the weight of vehicles and will eventually crack and need complicated repairs. Additionally the edge pieces should be solid pieces that curve around, instead of small pieces cut to fit into the pattern.

Step Six

Start in the very middle of the driveways width as you begin to place the driveway bricks between the outer borders. Start with the middle piece and pack all other pieces into place tightly around this first piece you place.

Step Seven

When you reach the border, you may need to cut the bricks to fit into the remaining spaces between the inner bricks and the border pieces. A wet saw or striking tool is often used to cut the bricks into the necessary shapes and sizes.

Step Eight

Apply sand to the surface of the bricks, allowing the sand to pack into the small cracks between the bricks. Sweep excess sand away and reseat the driveway with sand as needed to fill large cracks or gaps between bricks.


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