How To Build a Brick Patio

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Bricks have been around for ages. A brick is a block of ceramic material joined together through the use of a mortar. The oldest brick that has been found dates back to 7,500 B.C. This was located in South East Antolia. Evidences were found that fired brick was invented, as opposed to earlier sun-dried mud brick used in the ancient times.


  • Bricks are insulators. Brick walls are heavy and dense. They conduct heat slowly and are energy efficient.
  • They do not require heavy maintenance. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars in paint every now and then to maintain a brick wall or patio.
  • They can be resold at a high price. Home buyers usually prefer the vintage look and low-maintenance cost that bricks offer.
  • Bricks can insulate sound. If you are using brick as a wall, it can reduce the noise coming from streets and neighboring homes because of its thickness and density.
  • Bricks are fire resistant. Using bricks will definitely lower the chance of a fire around your home.
  • Bricks will help you lower your insurance rates. Bricks will usually qualify for lower insurance rates because they are fire resistant.
  • Bricks offer lifelong beauty. You do not have to worry that your bricks will dent, rot or fade. As bricks get older, they naturally grow in beauty.

To make your own brick patio, you need to plan the size. You should prepare to commit time and energy. Buy plenty of bricks right from the start, to make sure that you will have the same brick colors. The color may not match if you buy from another batch.

To build a brick patio, you will need these tools and materials:

  • Level
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Sod Filter
  • Shovel
  • Broom
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Crushed Stone for every 100 square feet

Prior to the start of the actual process, you should contact your local utility marking service to make sure that you will not hit any electrical, plumbing or gas lines while digging.

Make sure also that you create a slight slope away from your house to ensure proper drainage of water.

  1. Measure and plot out the area where you will put the bricks. Remove the grass by using a sod filter.

  2. Dig out the area to a depth of six to eight inches. Use the level to ensure that the slope of the field is away from your house. This is essential for proper drainage.

  3. Pack the soil using a shovel, and leave at least two-inches on the perimeter of the field. This will be used as the frame of the patio. Stand the bricks on end and tap them with a rubber mallet.

  4. Add four inches of crushed stone to the framed area. Lay the landscape fabric over the crushed stone to prevent weeds from growing in the area. Then top it off with stone dust. Pack it by using a shovel and screed it off using a long piece of 2x4.

  5. Pick your design/pattern and place your bricks inside the frame. You want to use a paving brick for this. To know if it is a paving brick, tap the brick with your hammer. It should make a high, metallic sound.

  6. Make sure to abut them tightly together. Use your rubber mallet to press the bricks down into the sand. After placing the bricks, spread some sand over them. Use your broom to sweep the sand into the cracks.

  7. Spray the bricks with water using your hose to settle the sand between the cracks. If they are not totally filled, spread sand over them and sweep the sand over the cracks again.

Congratulations, you are done creating your brick patio.


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