How To Build a Cement Wall

Whatever purpose you may have for your cement wall, building it yourself is another way of exploring your masculinity. Sometimes you need it to prevent water from the nearby creek from coming into your backyard during a heavy rain. Or sometimes you need a cement wall to separate your lanai from the main dining hall.

  1. Prepare the place where the cement wall will be built by digging a ditch up to the extent of the wall. The ditch must be wide to permit room for work.
  2. Construct the form. The form is made up of plywood, which will serve as a mold where the cement will be dispensed. The plywood must be measured to match the final size of the wall. You also need some nails to fix the form. It is suggested that the plywood be coated with motor oil so that it will be easy to remove when the cement is dried.
  3. Once the form is assembled in the ditch, the reinforcing bars should also be ready. These bars are used to give strength to the wall. Drive the reinforcing bars into the ground at least every 18 inches apart from each other.
  4. Pour the cement. There is ready-mixed cement that can be bought, or you can have it mixed yourself if the wall is not so long. While the mixed cement is being poured onto the form with reinforcing bars, somebody has to be tamping it to send the air bubbles out of the mixed cement. Use a drift to flatten the top surface of the mixed cement.
  5. Let the cement dry up. Then remove the forms. Your job is finished.

Today with rising construction costs, it is getting more and more costly to have your cement walls done by a contractor or a house builder. But if you are sure that you can tell the difference between what is lovely and good-looking from poor craftsmanship and horrible stonework, then what you can do is to rent concrete forms and ready mix cement. You only need somebody who can give good instructions and somebody who understands and appreciates the process.

Building a cement wall may also be done by people whose expertise is in stone works. When you see these people work, they seem to be just playing, yet after a while you will see what they have done. These are expert people who love to work even when nobody looks at the work they've done.

As we have outlined, building a cement wall is quite easy. It is easy for those who just look without the experience of doing it. There is a lot of difference between observing and experiencing. When you observe, the work seems to be very light and easy. However, when you do it yourself, you will experience working with heavy equipment and the difficulty of erecting the rebars and assembling the forms. For an office worker, building a cement wall may not be for you. Let the experts do the work for you, for a fee of course.


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