How To Build a Computer for CCTV Surveillance

Everything is set, except for the computer. How can you record videos taken by the CCTV surveillance camera if you don’t have a computer? Perhaps a TV monitor will be okay if you are always in the monitoring room. What if you frequently go out and leave your house vulnerable for crime? Building a computer for your CCTV surveillance camera is still the best choice. Besides, this is not as expensive as you think as long as you follow the steps below.

  • Assess the CCTV camera. Knowing what the CCTV camera needs to perfectly record videos is highly required when deciding what kind of computer to use. What are the ways for the CCTV camera to be connected to a computer? Does it use wires or it can use wireless connections? How many data does the camera create for every hour of recorded video?
  • Get your computer. It doesn’t have to be the top-of-the-line and latest computer. Even a second hand computer can be used for your CCTV surveillance as long as it can capture feeds from the camera. Use the data you acquired from step one when deciding which computer to buy.
  • Set the computer. Choose the spot where to place the surveillance computer. It can be disguised as your usual home computer or it can be hidden somewhere that will not be noticed by intruders. You don’t want someone to destroy the computer along with the pieces of evidence in there.
  • Consider also the method of connecting the camera to the computer. If the camera connects through wires only the computer should be as near as possible to it. Wireless CCTV cameras are better because you can remotely record videos of not only one but many cameras.
  • Install software. Install the device manager of the CCTV camera. Install surveillance software, too. Sometimes, this comes along with the CCTV camera. There are commercial and freeware surveillance software, which can be your alternatives. Restart the computer after installing all the needed pieces of software.
  • Connect the CCTV camera to the computer. By this time, the computer should be able to detect the camera through the installed device manager and surveillance software.
  • If connection is not yet established, then better check the physical connection. Maybe the camera has to be turned on or it needs some settings to be fixed before it can properly connect to the computer.
  • Check the settings in the computer also. You must have missed some details. Read the CCTV camera manual, too. It should have instructions on how to connect the camera to the computer.
  • Run the camera and computer for a test drive. Never leave the setup without making sure that it is working perfectly fine. If you can’t make it work, better call a professional to help you out.

Besides building a computer for CCTV surveillance, you also need to maintain the computer. Check the hard disk space regularly. Back up the recorded videos everyday or once a week. Make sure that the computer has enough space for saving the recorded video or else, the entire surveillance setup will be useless.


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