How To Build a Custom Shower

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Showers are a great way to indulge in the sweetness of water, both warm and cool that bathes and freshens up our bodies.  Thanks to modern thinking, showers nowadays are customized to be made even more practical according to whatever kind of shower experience you want to enjoy. Owning a custom shower is not at all impossible. Aside from having the necessary budget, all that is required is for you to have basic construction and plumbing knowledge. Here’s how you can build one.

  • Have a conscious plan. Set your mind free. Imagine, make up and put ideas onto paper. This is the easiest and best part in building a custom shower; and there’s no limit to this. Surf the web for more suggestions and styles that might strike you (if you haven’t have any fixed designs yet). Consider the list below in finalizing your plan for your shower.
    • The space
    • The shelving
    • Location of shower heads
    • The shower stall
    • The vents
    • The listellos and listettes
    • The flooring
    • The lay-outs and accents
    • The tiles
  • Take a contractor into service. If you think that you cannot do the renovation all by yourself, never play know-it-all and make a mess of your plan. It is advisable to hire an expert or to find a friend who has the know-how. This not only perfects the project but keeps you and your family safe as well. Discuss with your contractor everything that you want your shower to look like. Talk with him about the design, the utilization, the due date, the budget, and more importantly, his payment.
  • Purchase the things needed. For this project, you need to purchase tiles, outlining materials, shower stalls, shower heads, a shower pan, plumbing tools, and concrete. The one most important thing you need to mull over is the space for the things you are going to buy. Can the space accommodate everything? While purchasing, see to it that whatever materials you purchase will match your design.
  • Verify rules and regulations regarding plumbing. This is to let you know about the codes you need to consider when building showers. You need to know about the required space, the wiring on the walls of your interiors, etc.
  • Examine water supply, wiring and drainage. This part is the most mind-tiring. Because you are going to have a renovation, there will be existing wires and drainages already installed. You should know where these wires are lined up and where the drainages flow. To be able to do this, you may want to hire a utility man for inspection and assistance. There has to be room for the water supply and the drainage.
  • Construct the flooring. The shower base must have a path to the drain. The structure of the base should not encourage any stagnant water on the floor. Choose flooring that will go well with the bathroom walls.
  • Put up the walls. Mix the mortar and water to form an adhesive. This will cement the tiles on the shower walls. Spread an even amount of the adhesive on the open walls and start attaching the tiles in an outline that you prefer. Let the mixture dry completely. Then apply a sealer to the sides of each tile. If however you want to make it look more sophisticated, stones used as walls in a semi-dim light are the best in giving a touch of elegance.
  • Attach the remaining elements. This is the final and most important part. Add on to your chosen spot on the wall the shower stall and the shower head. Then accessorize the interior. You can put inside your shower room, a chair or bench, posts, vases, flower designs, etc. according to your theme or design.

Now that you have a good idea on building your very own custom shower, make up your mind with the best plan and start building. Enjoy the shower, its construction and beyond!


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