How To Build a Custom Stone Outdoor Grill

Having your very own custom stone outdoor grill is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can enjoy having barbecue picnics in your very own yard and also take pleasure in a warm outdoor fire during cold, windy days, as a stone outdoor grill can also be customized to serve as a wonderful fire pit. Here’s how you can build one.

  • Have the necessary permits. To avoid future confrontations from your local city officials, you first need to consider the legalities before setting up the stone outdoor grill. And you should also know the fire safety precautions from the local government to avoid any alarming incidents in the future.
  • Find a good location. Since you will be cooking, this will automatically welcome hazards that come along with fire. Don’t set up the grill near any materials that are easy to ignite. Keep a safe distance of five meters at the least from any fire-hazard area.
  • Shape and size will depend on your personal preferences. But since one purpose of an outdoor grill is to prepare various types of dishes, you probably need to build something that has two or three grills. The standard size of a stone outdoor grill is a 4x4 feet square.
  • Create a drainage system. In the middle of your preferred spot, shovel out a depth of about 15 inches then back it up with pea-sized gravel. This makes it so that even if the area becomes drenched and soppy with rainwater, it will still be able to produce a continuous fire.
  • Purchase or pick out stones that are suitable for an outdoor stone grill. You can ask from a local hardware store about which stones will produce a high quality standard outdoor grill.
  • Arrange the first level of stones alongside the excavated area, placing them close and compact to one another.
  • Create your adhesive to be added between stone layers for a stronger hold. This time you will need a bucket container, a trowel, brick mortar and water. Read specific instructions on the brick mortar usage. Pour out contents to the bucket and add a little water to form a sticky mixture. Do the adding of water gradually so that the muddle will not become too saturated. Mix well. Then carefully pour out a thin layer of the mixture onto the first level of stones.
  • Now lay down a second layer of stones over the mixture. Choose ones with sizes that go well with the primary stones. Place the center of each secondary stone onto the meeting point of every two primary stones for a stronger foundation. To give maximum bond between the two layers of stone, press down the secondary stones tightly. This will ensure a solid base that will not easily give even with bad weather conditions.
  • Fashion out vents in the third layer. Upon stacking the third layer of stones, leave gaps alternate to each stone. These air drafts will help the grill produce a continuously burning fire.
  • Follow the same procedure from steps 6 to 8 until you come to a two-foot high edifice.
  • Now wait for the mortar mixture to dry. It may take two days at the most, depending on the type of mortar used. After it has all been set and dried up, lay down the drill on top of your constructed stone structure. You may permanently mortar the grill down onto the last layer of stone, or you may simply leave the grill removable in case you want to enjoy a fire on cold days.

Now you know how simple it is to create your own outdoor stone grill. But remember, you should first know the weather forecast for the following couple of days before starting your construction. Prepare a tarpaulin cover for your masterpiece, just in case it rains unexpectedly. Happy building!


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