How To Build a Customized Firewood Rack

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A firewood pile stacked in the corner of the house will occupy a huge area in the house.  Especially during the winter, when you need to get your fireplace fired up all the time, you will have to cut more trees to stack up more wood than you would usually do during the rest of the year.  Another situation is when you have to place a tree downed by a tree service in your storage shed to clean your backyard. One of the most practical solutions to this problem is to make a firewood rack.  So before you fire up your log splitter, here’s how you can make your own firewood rack.

1. Plan the type of rack that you want.  Do you need to put a roof to your rack?  Are you going to have a two-layered wood carrier or do you need a smaller rack to cram into a small area in your house?  Consider all of the things that you need from your rack and do a lot of preplanning.

2. Gather all of the needed materials.  The dimensions of the materials may vary depending on the size of your rack.  In creating a moderate-sized basic wood storage rack, you will need three pieces of 2' x 2' x 6' treated wood for the base rails.  For the end panels, you can use two pieces of 2' x 4' x 4' treated wood.  To create the base for the panels, use a piece of 2" x 6" x 32" of treated wood.  To anchor your panels to the base, you can use a 4" x 8" x 1/2" of treated plywood.  You also need to gather 1.5" and 3" woodscrews and 2.5" nails.

3. Put them together. Start with the base.  Cut one of the 2' x 2' x 6' feet into four 16-inch pieces.  Cut the 2 x 6s into two 16-inch pieces.  Position the remaining 2 x 2 wood in parallel on a flat surface.  Using the nails, attach the 2x6s on every end of the parallel wood.  Make sure that all angles are properly squared.  Nail the four pieces of 16-inch 2 x 2s to the parallel wood to form like a ladder and take the time to ensure that they are evenly spaced.  Position the base so that the cross bracing will be facing the floor or working table.

Make the end panels.  Cut both pieces of 2 x 4s into half.  Cut the plywood into two pieces accordingly with the measurements of the end-panel braces.  Attach end-panel braces on each side on one of the plywood pieces using the 1.5" screw.  Do the same with the rest of the end panel materials to make two end panels.

Attach the base to the end panels.  Using the 3-inch screw, attach the two parts to form a right angle.  Make sure that the structure will be lying on its side since the brace to hold the two parts are not yet in place.  Make two 1-foot squares from what’s left of the plywood then cut them in half to form a triangle.  Attach each triangles to each corner to make a triangular brace to stabilize the whom structure using the 1.5" screw.
4. Cover it with protective coating or paint.  Treated wood can last long on its own, but if you give it more protection, then you will add more years to your firewood rack's life.

The dimensions of your firewood rack may vary, but what’s important is that the adjustments of your measurements should always be based on increasing the durability of the structure while achieving the desired look. 


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