How To Build a Desk for a Girl's Bedroom

Instead of simply surprising your daughter with a new desk for her bedroom, involve her in building it. It is surely going to make the new desk more meaningful and sentimental for her. She can work on some of the parts that are easy to do. She can help you in sanding the rough edges, assist you in planning, or perhaps, finish painting her new desk. Both of you can always look back for the fond memories involved in building that new desk for her bedroom. Here are some pointers on how you can both do the project properly:

  • Bring out our circular saw. It is better if it is portable. Use it to cut the parts of the new desk. Your goal is to cut the parts of a storage cube, 18” x 14”. So, account for the side, the back, the top, and the bottom parts. Prepare two sets. The corresponding parts should have equal sizes.
  • Clean the rough edges of the parts. Sand all the edges.
  • Position your storage cubes on either side of the new desk. Use them to support the base of the desk. Begin gluing each side of the first storage cube to the bottom part. Then, clamp and nail. Repeat the same process when it is time for you to attach the back and the top parts.
  • Get your portable circular saw again and start cutting the corresponding parts of four additional storage cubes. They should be equal in size and ideally half the actual size of the first two storage cubes that you have finished from Steps 1, 2, and 3. Once you have cut the parts, sand their edges.
  • Base the height of the smaller storage cubes according to your daughter’s height. She should be able to comfortably sit when she use her new desk. Of course, you have to account for the adjustments when she grows up. You also need to raise the height of her desk. Just refer to the assembly directions in constructing the storage cubes if you need to build new ones.
  • Glue, clamp, and evenly nail to assemble the parts of the smaller storage cubes. Give the glue some time to dry. After that, check out for some glue residues that leaked out. They usually appear on the edges. Chisel them away and then, sand off.
  • Prepare your primer. Then, paint all the pieces as desired. After that, varnish them, too. You can ask your girl to choose the colors for her new desk. You can also discuss stenciling or painting her own designs.
  • Assemble the storage cubes. Drill holes in all the four top corners of each bigger cube. Then, attach the smaller ones using some drywall screws.

Continue working on the cubes until you achieve the ideal desk height for your girl. See to it that the screws are tightly placed. You can do and finish the task a lot faster if you position the desk upside down.


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