How To Build a Garbage Can Cart

Building a garbage can cart can be an easy project that requires little effort, less than an hour of time and inexpensive materials that can be found at local hardware / home improvements stores.

These carts make taking the trash to the road easier than ever.  No more trying to pull a garbage can while stumbling over the garbage can you’re pushing. Simply put the cans in the cart, push to the roadside and unload the carts.  Not only will these make taking the trash out easier, but it will help preserve the life of the garbage can.  The cans will no longer be pushed or pulled along pavement and rocks, that will eventually weaken the bottom of the garbage can.

  •        5 3/4" PVC piping, 2' long
  •        4 3/4" PVC piping, 4' long
  •        6 3/4" PVC piping, 18" long
  •        2 3/4" PVC piping, 2" long
  •        2 3/4" PVC piping, 4" long
  •        6 3/4" PVC 4-way connector
  •        4 3/4" PVC 3-way connector
  •        2 caster inserts (with 3/8" holes)
  •        1 7/16" axle rod (28" long)
  •        2 4" plastic wheels
  •        1 2-by-4' sheet of plywood

Step #1:  To make the base of the garbage can cart, use the two 2' pieces of pipe for width and the two 4' pieces of pipes for the length of the cart.  Connect all the pieces using the four 4-way connectors.  Turn one end of the connector so it points downwards. Turn the other end of the connector so it faces outwards.

Step #2: Insert four 18" pipes into the open connectors that face up. Put a 3-way corner connector on the end of the pipe with the bottom 4–way connector facing outward. This must be on top of the 18" poles.  On the other side of the cart, put two 4-way connectors on the ends of these pipes

Step #3:  Slide 2' poles into the end connectors above the 2' poles on the bottom.
              Repeat step #3 to insert the 4' poles as well.

Step #4:  Insert two 18" pipes into the open connectors that face up.  Place the 3-way corner connectors on the top.  Insert a 2' pipe into the two connects so they are connected.

Step #5: Put the two 4" pipes into the top.  This will create two handles.

Step #6:  Place the two 2' poles into the two 4-way connectors that face downward.  This will help to stabilize the cart when it is not being used.

Step #7: Slide the caster (for wheels) into the open 4-way connectors that are facing outward.  Place the axle rod and slide one side all the way to the other.  Attach the wheels into the casters. Place caps over the axle and the wheel.

Step #8: Use the pre-cut plywood in the bottom. This creates a base for the garbage can cart.


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