How To Build a Gas Barbecue Grill

Sure you could buy your own gas barbecue grill. Your brand new grill could cost you a lot of cash though. Building an entirely new gas barbecue grill is virtually impossible but cobbling together a grill using serviceable old parts is something that you can do. Why spend your money on a new one when you can build your own? Here is how to build a gas barbecue grill:

  • Scavenging for old parts. Basically, the only way to build a new gas barbecue grill is to own or work at a factory that builds gas barbecue grills. So you are going to have to look for old equipment and parts in order to build your own gas grill. Look for old grills that no one uses anymore. Even if they have been set aside, it does not mean that they totally cannot be used. It may just mean that one part was broken and never fixed. You can still use the functioning parts. Disconnect all hoses and valves. Grill hoods can be used again if you find another grill of the same size. Remove the burner from the grill using pliers to safely remove the pin connecting it to the grill. Also remove the ignition mechanism. You may need to exercise some force here to break the clips holding the ignition mechanism in place. Propane tanks, grill grates and all other functioning old parts should be properly cleaned and kept to one side first.
  • Your complete set of tools. You will need a toolbox complete with screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, a putty knife, a drywall knife and also a straightened coat hanger, heat-resistant paint, insulating washers, wooden slats, a burner, gas collector box and an ignition mechanism.
  • Building the new grill. If the paint on the hood is fading, paint it with your heat-resistant paints. Inside the grill, place new shelving slats. Connect the new gas collector box to the burner. Take the burner grate and put inside the grill. Reconnect the valves and tubes and use the wire clips to secure them. Take the food grate and place it over the mouth of the grill. Attach the new ignition mechanism to the burner. It must be connected to the same bolt that is holding the burner. All wires should be connected to the right terminals. Connect the red wire from the burner to the end of the ignition mechanism’s terminal. The black wire goes to the side of the ignition mechanism. Attach the propane tank to the burner and test out your grill.
  • Safety measures. Be careful when testing your gas barbecue grill out. Use low settings before turning up the heat lest you burn your face off. If it does not work, disconnect the propane tank and recheck all connections then try again.

Once you are done building your gas barbecue grill, you two can enjoy tasty and flavorful grilled meats, chicken and fish. Remember to exercise caution though since you are dealing with parts that were designed to burn things.


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