How To Build a Glass Block Shower Enclosure

If you think your bathroom is in need of a little sprucing up, you have many things to consider if you want to have it renovated. One aspect of your bathroom you can change is your shower stall. It may be time to completely replace it with a new one. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Why not go for something elegant and classy and replace your shower stall with a glass block shower enclosure? They are definitely more luxurious than your regular old shower stall and are relatively easy to install. Here is how to build a glass block shower enclosure:

  • Begin at the bottom. Your glass block shower enclosure has to have a good base. Choosing the size and type of your base is important because you can only call for the glass blocks once you have made a decision on the base. You have three types of bases to choose from: an acrylic base, a mud set pan base and a waterproof extruded polystyrene foam base. First, the acrylic base is the simplest one and the easiest to clean. They usually come in preset sizes so you cannot customize it completely to the specifications of your bathroom. Next, mud set pan bases are more easily customizable allowing for more styles and can even be created on site. However, a job like this can take a while and it can get really messy. Sometimes, if not done correctly, the base is more easily damaged and is prone to leaking. Finally, if you want a base that is easily customizable without a long installation period, is completely up to the task of securing your glass block shower enclosure for a long time and is 100% waterproof, you can go with the extruded polystyrene foam base. It is costs the most though, so prepare to shell out some cash. Whichever base you choose however has to be done right or else the quality of your enclosure will suffer.
  • The adjacent walls. Of course, it will get really wet inside your shower enclosure. This, the adjacent walls need to be ready to stand the test of time and water. Green or masonry boards are great because they are water resistant. Porous walls can easily become weakened by years of use and are susceptible to mildew and molds.
  • The shower blocks. Before you start building your glass block wall, you have to make sure that it is reinforced properly. The two most popular ways to reinforce and anchor your wall with are using vinyl stack vertical and horizontal spacers and galvanized wire reinforcing and panel anchors. You should anchor your glass block wall to the adjacent walls every two feet. Installing your prefabricated glass blocks is simple. All you need to do is stack them correctly and use the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer.

Of course, if you are unsure of your home remodeling skills, it is best to call in professional help. You do not want to end up with a badly made shower enclosure. If built properly, your glass block shower enclosure will last you a good long time.


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