How To Build a Gravel Driveway

The driveway is the part of your house where you park the vehicles. It is usually located in front of the house and has an easy access from the road. There are a lot of ways to build good driveways. Materials used are made from cobblestone, concrete, decorative bricks, decomposed granite, asphalt mixed with sand and other materials. A gravel driveway can be more costly and takes a lot of time. If built properly, it will only require minimal maintenance. In building a gravel driveway, will not need cement from the concrete company but you can hire an expert to help you with digging, leveling and so on.
Here are some tips on building a gravel driveway:

  1. Determining the ground. A gravel driveway or path must have a firm ground for the underfoot or car. This construction is good for paving or driveways but is also the same with a patio. Select an area with these requirements, and with easy access to the house.
  2. Measuring the driveway. Know how long and wide the driveway will be. Determine how big the size of the driveway is by measuring both the length and the width. Multiply the length by the width to know the square footage of the driveway. Also, find the depth of the driveway. Peg it with the use of a timber peg or a club hammer. A good tip in knowing how much gravel needed is to multiply the depth in feet by the square footage of your gravel. To know how much gravel is needed, multiply the cubic yards by 1.5.
  3. Excavating the ground. Excavation can be done by hand on the ground, or by hiring a digger. This may cost some money but it can lessen the length of time in building the driveway. You may also need to hire a skip at the same time. While digging to where you want to lay your driveway, you may find soft areas; dig these out. This may give you ditches that can cause it to sink into these soft areas. Keep digging until you feel the hard base of the ground.
  4. Building the base. The scalpings that will be used for the base will be from stone quarries that were excavated before. This will be used for the base and they are very cheap. Before having the scalping delivered, you would need a vibrating plate to determine where the soft parts are. Run it first in the excavation. If you don’t, this may cause your driveway to sag. When the scalpings arrive, have the driver back in and tip slowly at the far end of the driveway. Drive forward as they begin to tip out because this will make your leveling easier. Now, you can level your scalpings with a rake or a shovel. Be careful to level it properly or else it will have humps or pits, which will retain water. Use a sturdy timber to level it out.
  5. Gravel pavement. Now you may purchase the gravel and level it out on the driveway. 

There are other forms of gravel driveways, one of which is using the material called pea gravel. Crushed stone or pea gravel has the advantage of low maintenance and utility changes are very accessible. The repairs are cost-efficient unlike concrete and asphalt. It is also environmentally friendly and can help prevent soil erosion. It can even accent your landscape, because the stone sparkles in the sunlight and comes in different colors. A lot of homeowners choose to have a gravel driveway because of its cheap price; it also gives a beautiful curb to their homes.


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