How To Build a Lampshade

Before starting to build any type of lampshade, you should first sketch out what you want your lampshade to look like. You will want to make sure that you know just what size of a lampshade you will need. By first doing this, you are allowing yourself to follow a guideline when creating your lampshade.

After you have sketched your lampshade out, you will need to make sure that the size of the lampshade that you are going to be making will actually fit in the area that you are going to be placing the lampshade in. To do this, take a tape measure and measure the area that the lamp shade is going to be placed in and if the area is going to be is near a wall be sure to measure from the wall out to the center of where the lampshade will go and make the measurements smaller if need be for your lampshade.

The next step in creating a lampshade is to decide which materials you are going to need to create a lampshade. The lampshades that are out there range in a number of different styles. Some lampshades are made out of fabric while other lampshades can be made of glass. Depending on the lamp that you are using your lampshade for will depend on which lampshade you are going to need to make. Once you have decided on what material you will want to use, you will then need to gather all the materials in one spot so that all materials are nearby and will be able to be used right away once you start making your lampshade.

If the lampshade that you are creating is the shape of a circle then you will want to cut your fabric or whatever it is that you are using in the shape of the right size lampshade. Once you have cut your shape out of fabric then you will want to attach it to the cardboard or whatever stiff material you have chosen to use for your lampshade. You will then want to glue the fabric onto the stiff material and allow to dry. You can either use fabric glue or you can use hot glue when gluing the fabric to the cardboard or other stiff material. Once you have dried the lampshade you will then want to add the attachments to the lampshade the will hold the lampshade on the lamp. You can use a wire hanger that you have laying around and cut the length of the wire that you need and in the middle of the wire you will want to twist a small circle that will attach to the lamp portion where a lampshade is supposed to go.

Once you have done this you will want to attach it to the lampshade. Measure the length that you are going to need and leave some extra room for added support of the lampshade. Once you have bent the wire in the right shape next you will want to glue it to the lampshade. For this you will need to have the hot glue gun handy and heated. You want to make sure that the glue you are using is hot enough to truly melt and keep the wire in the right spot. Once you have glued the wire on, allow the lampshade to finish drying and then attach to the lamp. You have just created a lampshade.


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