How To Build a Shed Roof

Building a shed roof can be easy and difficult at the same time. There are some simple rules that you will need to follow that will ensure you have the best looking shed roof. All the information is accurate and will help you build your shed. Please be sure to have all the materials that you need and the most important rule is to be safe.

First and foremost, you need to measure your shed and find a place to lay some 2X4 and 2X6 trusses down.  Now after this you will need to start doing some outlining which is not difficult at all. You will want to make sure that all your trusses are outlined correctly. Basically each one consists of at least three pieces. You would want to make sure is that your pieces line up with each other and cut at the right length before you continue any further.

When using plates that are aluminum be sure to assemble your pieces. In all you will need four pieces for each one of your trusses. You will need at least a five pound sledge hammer to tamp the plates to a 2X4 size. If you don’t have a sledge hammer, you are welcome to use a spud bar which is very helpful as well. You are ready to mark off your truss locations so that you can start nailing them on each wall all the way down.  Each end needs at least a 3-16d nail, so all you do is just start nailing until you are done, but make sure that they are on center before you start or it will not be good and you just might have to start all over again.

What you can do is start at the bottom and lay down the 4X8 first, and then keep going from there until you have all your pieces accounted for, but you want to nail every six inches and line up all your trusses.  Now to put on felt paper or sheet metal. Please consult your manufacturer's manual. I would recommend using some paper to put on top of the shed. After you use this always cover it with metal or something that will hold and look very good. Rubber is another form that you can use to hold the paper as well.

Please study the information before trying to build this shed yourself. If you know that you cannot perform these duties please get a professional to do it for you or at least to help you. You want to be safe not sorry.


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