How To Build a Work Table in the Garage

Garages are no longer only for parking cars or storing lawn equipment and gas cans. Garages are quickly becoming a place to build and repair household items or to perform simple fixes for around the home. Crafters, hobbyists and mechanics or those who prefer to build items themselves rather than to buy, find having a work table in the garage a beneficial addition to their work spaces. Building a garage work table of your own will provide both a safe place to work as well as offering storage for tools or equipment. Building a reliable work table in your garage can be done with simple tools and supplies found at many common builders outlets, home, hardware or maintenance stores. By following these simple steps, you can build a sturdy, industrial strength work table in your own garage in just a few hours.

  • It’s important to find a spot in your garage where your work table may sit undisturbed and out of the way.
  • Decide upon and draw the pattern for your table before beginning your project.
  • Decide if you’d like your work table directly attached to the wall or whether you’d prefer to build your work table so it can be movable. If you’d like your table attached to your garage wall, you must find the wall studs and attach the work table directly to them using metal screws or bolts. This will make for a well-built work or project table.
  • Decide on what length and height you’d like your garage work table to be. Most work table heights are preferred to be at average waist level of around 33-36 inches. This makes for a more comfortable reach when working on projects. Although yours may be higher.
  • Decide on the length and width of your garage work table by measuring the area where you plan to place it. Take into consideration the sizes of supplies needed for any projects that may be commonly prepared while using your work table. Most work tables are built with the preferred width of 25 or 30 inches while the length could be a spacious 60 inches or longer depending upon your project needs and personal comfort requirements.
  • Supplies for building your own garage work table should include a level, measuring tape, sand paper, hammer and galvanized nails.  1 ½ inch plywood sheet for your work table’s surface, 2x 4’s and 2x2’s, measured and cut (as preferred according to chosen work table size or height) for table legs and framing.
  • Assemble your work table according to your pattern and measurements. Sand, prime and paint or stain to finish.  Wait for paint or stain to dry before using.

Building your own work table is a simple and enjoyable project.


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