How To Build an Outdoor Storage Shed

Building a storage shed is a great way to protect the things you'd prefer not to keep in the house. Outdoor items might get damaged by rain, snow, or even the extreme heat of summer. An outdoor storage shed will protect them from the wear and tear that inclement weather can bring. If you want to protect your things, but garage storage just won't do, then you should probably consider building your very own outdoor storage shed. Here are a few tips on how you can it:

  1. Get a set of plans. Of course every construction endeavor, from tiny wooden birdhouses to large cement and metal buildings, will need a good set of plans. Your storage shed isn't any different. You need to have a good set of blueprints before you even start the construction. If you buy one of those ready-made storage shed kits, you should find some plans included with the walls, doors, and other items included. If you'd rather work with your own designs, make sure you know enough of the technical aspects of building, so your shed doesn't collapse on you.

  2. Check with the Law. Next, you've got to know what you'll need to legally build your storage shed. You might need a permit for one, so do some research on the building codes of your state. Take note of your blueprints while you're doing this. In most states, you only need a permit if your outdoor storage shed is bigger than 120 square feet. You can consult a local building inspector on this.

  3. A place to belong. The next step is to determine where you'll be building your storage shed. It should be on level ground, and not too far from your garage or work area. It would be a good idea to check if you'll be building over any pipes or cables. Building a shed over them might cost you more money, since the lines might need to be repaired.

  4. Fully equipped. Check to see if you've got everything you need to build your outdoor storage shed.  It will be a good idea to list all the parts and materials needed for construction. Once you've completed the list, check off the items you already have and purchase the ones you don't. You need to identify every single thing that will go into the construction, from decking, to sidings, to doors, to even the kinds of nails you'll be using.

  5. Getting to work. Now for the actual construction of your storage shed. It's usually best to build your shed from the ground up. Start with the floor, making sure you secure it with blocks or stakes. Add the frames and walls next, and attach any doors and windows afterwards. Lastly, work on the roof once everything else is nicely secured.

  6. Inspect it. While you should ideally be inspecting your work while building your outdoor storage shed, it's easy to miss a few things while you're hard at work. Once you're done with everything, give your storage shed one last look-over before finally using it.


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