How To Build Outdoor Swing Sets: Making Swings

Follow These Steps to Create Fun Backyard Swing Sets from Scratch

Swing set

We are going to describe how to build a wooden outdoor swing set since it's an easy project to build on your own. You should expect to spend one day to a couple of weeks on this project depending on your experience. Here are the steps you'll need to start:

  1. Prepare the required materials. You'll need 2x10" and 2x4" stocks, eye bolts, bolts, screws, cement, sand, nails, sandpaper and a concrete tube to make outdoor swing sets.
  2. Choose the place for your swing set. Watch out for objects that the swinging person can hit with his or her head and rocks or other dangerous objects that can hurt the child if he or she gets thrown. Also provide enough room in case people jump. It's better to consider a grass area rather than a dirt surface in case the child needs to "land." Some people also use wood chips as a base for backyard swing sets.
  3. Build the foundations. First start with digging four foundation holes about 4" deep and wide enough to contain the stocks. Pour cement, concrete tube and sand in the holes to form the concrete placeholders. The main stocks will be inserted there.
  4. Cut the parts. This will depend on your design. You will need to cut some of the stocks and beams diagonally so they will join better. There must be some horizontal bracing boards in your design as well -- use thick boards for them.
  5. Assemble the set. Obviously, this depends on the specific design as well. Here you'll need to join the boards with bolts and screws and ensure the construction is very stable. Failing to join the parts well will result in a dangerous pie ce of equipment. At the end, attach the assembled construction to the foundations.
  6. Paint and stain. Most wooden boards need painting and staining to sustain their integrity in the humidity and sunlight. You can also paint the boards to make them look better. Use warm colors but also consider the overall look of your backyard.

Know you know how to build your own swing set. Enjoy!

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