How To Build an Overhead Storage Shelf

Storage space is very important in order to keep your belongings safe and secure. In order to provide this extra space that’s needed one should know how to build an overhead storage shelf. The following steps will help you build a sturdy and space saving overhead storage shelf.

The first step in building an overhead storage shelf is determining where it will be located. The best area to install the shelf is using the rafters, which are located above the ceiling. Using the rafters for an anchor point will provide a sturdy anchor point for the shelf.

The next step in building an overhead storage shelf is to locate the studs, or rafters that are located in the ceiling. A "stud-finder" can be purchased for fewer than twelve dollars to help you do this step. Locate the studs, determine how long you want your shelf to be and then pre-drill the holes for the screws. You should purchase a couple of packs of #10 or #12 screws.

The third step in building an overhead storage shelf is to hold the 2x4 board, or whichever board selected to the rafters. Measure the length of the intended screw whole locations and mark. Obtain a power drill and make some pilot holes where the screws are going to be drilled. This will let you know if the rafters are sound enough to hold weight as well as making the screws go in a little easier. Once completed this shelf will hold around 175lbs, which should be plenty to store most items.

If you decide you would like additional clearance between the rafters and overhead storage shelf then it’s a simple fix. Wire cable can be purchased at local hardware stores. Remove the screws that are holding the 2x4. Decide how much length you desire the shelf to be located from the ceiling. Cut four pieces of wire and braid both ends. Next, place one end of each wire on the rafter and secure with the original four screws. Attach the bottom of the four wires to the board and presto you have built a hanging overhead shelf.

This step by step guide will help you build an overhead shelf. As with any do it yourself project, keep safety in mind. Remember to test the shelf before you place any objects on it. You can test the overhead shelf by pulling on it. The shelf should not give any and feel sturdy. If you determine that the shelf does not feel sturdy, then you can add additional screws to firm it up. If you want to paint the shelf, do it before you hang it. Also, if you are intending on adding additional overhead storage then you can place them in a pattern that will make them look more uniform.


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