How To Build Barn Doors

For any individual who owns a barn, keeping the barn properly secure from thieves or to prevent any animals from escaping is very important.  Many barns were originally built without barn doors or have doors which are falling apart.  To improve security in a barn, many individuals choose to have barn doors installed.  Unfortunately, construction and installation of barn doors can be quite expensive unless you do it yourself.  This article will give the hints and step on how to build barn doors.
The first step in how to build barn doors is to design your doors.  You need to keep in consideration how large of an opening there is in your barn.  To keep the most amount of warmth within the barn and to maximize security, you should design barn doors large enough to cover the entire opening.
After designing your barn doors, the next step in how to build barn doors is to gather necessary supplies.  To build functional barn doors you will need enough laminated veneer lumber (“LVL’) beams to build the frame of your doors.  You will also need other pieces of hardwood to act as the face of your doors, heavy duty hinges, a saw, hammer, nails, drill, screws, and some form of handle for each door.

After collecting all necessary supplies, the next step in how to build barn doors is to create a frame for the doors.  Using the LVL beams, you will want to create a frame that meets the specifications of your barn doors.  This may require you to cut the LVL beams to ensure they are the right length.  Secure the pieces of LVL beams together by using heavy duty nails.
After forming the box frame, the next step in how to build barn doors is to put on the face of the door.  To do this, you will want to place pieces or hardwood adjacent to each other lying vertically across the frame.  Using a hammer and nails, you will want to secure each piece of hardwood while ensuring there are no gaps between each piece.  You may need to cut the wood to ensure its flush with the top and bottom of the frame.
After putting on the face of the door the next step is to hang the doors.  You will need to install a heavy duty hinge at all four corners of the barn opening and on the outside corners of the door.  After putting the door in place within the hinge, ensure it is secure enough and can handle the weight.  The doors at this point should swing open.  If you desire, you can add a door handle make opening the door easier.  Many people also choose to stain or paint the door to match the rest of the barn.


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