How To Build Corner Shelves

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The corner of any room is always an awkward spot that normally is left undecorated.  A great way to fill the spot is to install corner shelving units.  Corner shelves can be used to display photographs, books, movies, or just be used as extra storage.  Corner shelves are a great improvement to any room and can be purchased fairly inexpensively at any home decoration store.  For individuals who want to design their own shelves or save money, then building corner shelves is a great option.  This step gives the steps and hints needed in to how to build corner shelves.  
The first step in to how to build corner shelves is to design your shelving unit.  Some people like to build just one or two shelves which sit independently; while others will want to build a more detailed shelving case.  Once the design specifications are known, the next step in to how to build corner shelves is to gather necessary supplies.  To build corner shelves you will need some plywood, small wood screws, a saw, a drill, sand paper, wood finisher, a paint brush, corner support brackets and a protractor.

The next step in to how to build corner shelves is to cut the shelves.  Prior to cutting the wood, you first need draw the design of your shelf.  By placing the plywood up into the corner of the wall and using the protractor, you can draw a perfect semi circle.  Once the line is drawn, carefully use a table saw or band saw to cut the wood to meet specifications.  If you are going to build more than one shelf, using the same protractor setting will ensure the shelves are the same size.
The next step in to how to build corner shelves is to sand and prepare the shelves.  The top and sides of the corner shelf should be smooth.  Once the shelves are smooth, you will want to apply one coat of your selected wood finisher.  After allowing the finisher to dry for at least 12 hours, you can then decide whether you want to apply additional coats.
After allowing the final coat of wood finisher to dry, the next step in to how to build corner shelves is to install the shelves.  Installing the shelves will require you to place the corner support bracket so it is flush against the bottom of the shelf and against the wall. For each bracket you will need to install a wood screw into the wall and into the shelf.  To best support the shelf, you should install at least two brackets into each side of the corner shelf.  Before placing any objects onto the shelf, be sure it is properly secured by the brackets.


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