How To Build Porch Stairs

Your porch is a place where you can have your family and friends gather for a warm summer day. You want your porch to be a space that exhibits beauty and adds a special quality to your home. Your porch reflects the beauty of your home, and adds to the look and feel. You want to make that space is as inviting and as beautiful as the rest of your home. Installing porch stairs will bring out the beauty even more, as the porch stairs are what many people see first when they come to visit you at your home. Installing porch stairs does not have to be difficult.

Porch stairs can be made with many different materials, with wood being the most popular. Other materials also can be used, such as brick, blocks, stones, or even concrete. Some porch stairs have been built with aluminum, which is most commonly used for mobile homes. Recreational vehicles use this material as well.

Some porch steps have one step or more, depending on the distance of the porch height from the starting point on the ground. The most traditional porch stairs have as many as two to five steps. Porch stairs will have railings and some do not, depending on the look you want. You will want to install porch railings if you want to really enhance the look of your new porch steps.

The porch steps will consist of a tread and a riser. The riser is the vertical space that is between each tread on the stairs. The tread is the space that is stepped on and is usually the same thickness as any flooring. These treads and risers are placed on a stringer or stringer board. A stringer is on either side of the stairs, and the stringer is what supports the treads and risers of the stairs.

For safety reasons, certain measurements are required. Building codes specify certain measurements that need to be met so the stairs can be easily used without them being too steep or narrow, in order to make sure people can use the steps safely.

Installing porch stairs will be a great addition to your porch and home. There are different variations and styles of stairs to fit the look of your home, so you can create just the right look that you want and enhance the style of your home.


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