How To Build Simple Floating Shelves

These shelves are mounted in such a way that it appears they are floating. There is no visible means of connecting the shelving to the wall. NO unsightly rods, braces, brackets, metal strips running up and down the wall.

Floating shelves are relatively simple. Select where you want to position your shelf. Decide on the width you want and the depth you want. Normally a 36" X 10" piece of wood is a standard shelf.

  1. Measure your Wall Placement. The height of your shelf is dependent upon the size wood used to attach the shelf to the wall.
  2. Mark and Cut. Take a 2" X 4" and cut it to 34" in length, you will need two of them.
  3. Mark and Cut. Take your 1" X12" Shelf and cut it to 36" length, you need two of them.
  4. Fasten to the Wall. Take one 2" X 4" and attach it by screwing 3" wood screws through the 2 X 4 into the wall stud. Insert at least four wood screws.
  5. Attach Bottom Shelf. Take your bottom 1" x 12" and screw from the top of the shelf perpendicular to the 2X4 on the wall.
  6. Attach the top Shelf. Repeat for the top 1"X12" and screw into the 2X4 mounted on the wall.
  7. Fill in the Gap. This leaves a gap in front where you will attach the 2X4 to the top and to the bottom 1"X2" and screw in securely and your floating shelf is ready to be finished.

Stain it, paint it or leave raw. Your floating shelf really appears to float and is read to display nearly anything.


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