How To Build Stone Porch Columns

Stone porch columns add a different atmosphere to an otherwise drab home. They are much preferred over all other types of porch columns available in the market today because of their timeless appeal and enduring quality. Fiberglass, iron and wood may not be able to recreate the allure of your stone porch columns. But having decided that you are going to use stone porch columns is just the first step. You need to build your stone porch columns accordingly. Here are the steps in making your own stone porch columns at home:

  1. Check your old porch columns first. Do you have old front porch columns? Decide first if you are just going to pick up where it left off or change the whole column altogether. Some columns just need a little fine tuning and may be remedied with a little creativity. Others, still, need a complete replacement.
  2. Decide on specifics: color, size and pattern. It’s up your imagination first how it will look like. Take a look at your home from different perspectives and then check which specific color, size and patterns will best fit your needs. Spacing between the different front porches is also a factor so that you can move stuff freely in the area.
  3. Make a competent footing for your column. Dig a hole, about five feet deep and place in your framing support for the front porch column. This will ensure that your entire front porch column is amply founded on the ground. This will remove any risks for instability. Place in concrete and anchoring tools at the middle of the framed area. 
  4. Focus on alignment. If you are into building your stone front porch bit by bit, make sure that it stays aligned. It matters little if you are taking a long time to finish one layer. In the end, that is much better than haphazardly piling the stones only to find out at the end that it is leaning too forward or needs to redone altogether.
  5. From time to time, inspect the overall shape. Make sure you don’t deviate too much from the foundation frame shape. This will ensure that the whole column remains sturdy. As much as possible, make the top relatively thinner than the base so that there will be ample coverage.
  6. Place the cement in between the stones. Make sure that you are able to stick all the stones on top of each other by means of a really mean cement mix. Be as even as possible in your application and mix it as naturally as possible into the whole structure.
  7. Trowel off unnecessary spaces. Keeping things tight is the way to ensure that it remains stable and resilient in the face of different weather changes and other outward disturbances. Whatever spaces you see in the supposedly compact structure must be filled up immediately.

The test of time will show you that stone porch columns are highly reliable. Just be alert for cracks and other warning signals that you may get fro your stone porch columns. But often, a well constructed porch column, when done right the first time, needs minimal supervision. 


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