How To Build Wooden Doors

Building a wooden door is not an art that needs to be mastered. With a little carpentry skill and knowledge, anyone can manage the task. Now, most people will want doors that capture a certain theme or statement but to other people, the door should only serve on purpose, a gateway to the other side. With function in mind first and foremost, here are some simple steps to build a simple door made of wood.

  • Measure the doorway. Although most doorways have standard measurements, you should always measure them before building the door that will fit perfectly and snuggly in them. If you are going for standard measurements, then know that front doors are 80 inches in height and 36 inches in width.
  • Gather the wood you need. For this part of the building process, you will need to gather two sheets of ply board. Luon, birch, and oak are popular options however; luon may be the most cost-effective. For the frame of the door, you will want to use hardwoods such as oak or birch. Four pieces of 1 by 4 wood with a length of 7 feet should do the trick for the frame.
  • Build the frame. Start with the rails for the side of the door. The length of this should be ¼ inch less than the actual doorway. Hence, trim it down if needed. If you do, make sure to sand it. For the top of the bottom, cut the wood to fit snuggly between the rails. This should all be in line with the width measurement of the doorway. Hammer in the nails to secure the pieces together to build the frame. You will want to apply wood glue to make the bond between the pieces stronger and sealed. Once the frame is done, you can now proceed with the ply board sheets.
  • Complete the door. Since the frame has already been assembled, lay the ply board sheet on one side to cover the whole frame. Nail the sheet on the frame for the initial side and consider applying wood glue to the edges as well. Repeat the same process for the other side. Allow the glue to set and finish the nails with a little more hammering.
  • Set the hinges. Measure the doorway in relation to the door you just built and decide where to place the hinges. On the door and on the doorway, you will need to create a small depression for the hinge on the areas where you plan to put the hinge at. A hammer and chisel should do the trick here. Once that is done, by now you have three areas for the hinge on the door and doorway, screw the hinges in place and install the door.
  • Install the doorknob or handle. Now that the door has been installed, select a doorknob or handle and install it on the door as directed. Again, you may need to chisel the area where the doorknob will lock into on the doorway to make space for the metal plate and depression. Install the handle or knob as instructed.

Now that you have a fully functioning door that can be locked and secured, consider adding some pizzazz by painting it or even having some carvings done on it. It is entirely up to you but bear in mind that you should now be proud of yourself since you just fashioned a nice and solid door.


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