How To Build Your New House on a Budget

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Building a new house can be an expensive venture. But it doesn't have to put you into the poorhouse. You've got many options when it comes to building your new house on a budget that won't compromise the quality of your home. With a little extra time and effort, you can build your new house on a budget by following these steps.

Step 1

Be your own contractor. Hiring a contractor to oversee the completion of your new house can increase your budget by 10 - 20%. You can save this money by being your own contractor. This will involve a great time commitment, since you're going to have to be on site every day. As well, you'll need to stay in touch with your workers, suppliers and deliverymen to ensure that the project stays on schedule. If you've got the time to do so, you can really lower you budget by taking on this responsibility yourself.

Step 2

Look for discount building materials. Your local building supply store is not the only place to purchase building materials for your home. Actually, you can find cheaper building materials in the most unexpected places. You just need to keep your eye open. Habitat for Humanity usually has a discount building store where you can purchase items discarded by other builders at a fraction of the price. As well, shopping at clearance centers and even garage sales may get you some incredibly cheap materials for your new house. Used building materials are always an option too. Of course, you'll want to ensure that the integrity of the materials is good. If it is, you can save yourself thousands by gathering building materials from various discounted retailers.

Step 3

Build during the summer. If you live in a country where winter months bring snow and wind, it's best not to schedule your new house build for this time. Bad weather draws out building projects way beyond schedule. Build your new house in the spring and summer months when workers can work quickly and won't be affected by the weather. You'll save thousands by not having to pay the workers for more hours than necessary.

Step 4

Do it yourself. There will be a few projects in your new house that you can complete yourself. A little elbow grease will save you having to pay someone else. And it will give you pride of ownership knowing that you had a part in building your new house on a budget. Consider painting the walls yourself, installing shingles, laying flooring and so on. If you have special construction skills or even if you have a generous family member who is willing to help, take advantage of these skills. Again, then fewer people you have to pay to help you build your house, the lower your budget will be.

Step 5

Don't go overboard. You've probably got big dreams for your new house, but you need to keep those dreams in check. Your home doesn't need to be your dream home from day one. Finish necessary projects and save more expensive ones until your budget allows it. Consider whether those granite countertops can wait a few years, and ask yourself if you really need hardwood on the whole main floor. If you can lower the cost for your supplies, then you will save yourself thousands. Keeping an eye on your spending like this is just one more way of building your new house on a budget.


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