How To Buy a Carpet Sweeper

Melville Reuben Bissell in 1876 invented and marketed a new product – the carpet sweeper! Also referred to as “Ewbank” in the UK, a carpet sweeper, is a mechanical device that is used to clean carpets. Carpet sweepers were popular before the introduction of the vacuum cleaner. Carpet sweepers are lightweight gadgets and are less noisy as compared to vacuum cleaners, cleaning is quick and easy and does not interfere with “business as usual”!

A carpet sweeper consists typically of a small box with brushers and rollers that are connected by gears or a belt at the base of the box along with a container for dirt. How does it work? The carpet sweeper’s mechanism is such that when you push it on the floor, the rollers turn and rotate the brushes forcefully. This helps the brushes to clean the dust and dirt off the floor and into the container. You also have the option to adjust height so you can work on different levels or lengths of the carpet or just the floor! A carpet sweeper is more convenient to use as it is equipped with a handle which can be adjusted and saves you the aching effort of bending over while cleaning the carpet! The carpet sweeper was re-designed at the beginning of the 21st century for more convenience with an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries to spin the brushes and rollers automatically! Carpet sweepers, in some areas of the US are colloquially known as ‘Hoky’, named after the HOKY brand sweeper.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning products, The Rug & Carpet Institute recommends you look for the ones that have green seal of approval on the back. Regular grocery store carpet cleaners need to be avoided as they are not “OXY” type cleaners. The regular grocery store type of carpet cleaners are made out of strong concentrations of soap! They only remove the stains temporarily, causing the stain to grow into a bigger stain. You should also watch out for common brands of spray cleaners, since these just end-up leaving a huge area of soap behind!

Did you know?

  • The first functional carpet sweeper in America was the ‘Bissell’ and people always spoke about “bisselling” their floors and carpets
  • The largest collection of carpet sweepers (around 1500) in the world is housed at The Public Museum of Grand Rapids
  • Handheld whisk brooms were used for cleaning carpets before the invention of mechanical carpet sweepers.

You are making a big investment while buying carpets and rugs. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining them in a good condition, whilst ensuring hygiene means buying cleaning products is extremely vital! Buying a good-quality carpet sweeper will make your job that much simpler and easier!


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