How To Buy a Fine Mesh Strainer

A fine mesh strainer is not in a common kitchen priority. In fact, only a few households feel the “need” to have a fine mesh. What most households do not know is that a fine mesh strainer, although not necessary, is a very helpful utensil. Consider adding this to your kitchen utensils if you are into making sauces and fresh fruits. Your homemade fruits and sauces will surely be smoother and free of any food bits if you use a fine mesh strainer.

Buying a fine mesh strainer does not actually break your bank account. But buying the wrong one might only add up trash in your kitchen. Here are some tips you should follow when selecting the right type of fine mesh strainer:

Test the fine mesh strainer. The fine mesh strainer should have the highest ability catching seeds and other unwanted residues from foods. You will only know its catching ability by testing it. Some stores allow testing different brands of strainers. But if you can, you simply need to imagine how fine the strainer will catch residues depending on how fine its mesh is.

Consider the fine mesh strainer handle. Most strainers today have rubber handles but there are still some with metal handles. It’s better to get a rubber handle because it’s more flexible when used with hot foods. Make sure also that the handle is wide enough to give room for your fingers. Better give the mesh a try and see if its handles are comfortable for your hands.

Think about the strainer’s weight. There are fine mesh strainers that are too light that they bend easily even with only a little pressure. There are also stronger strainers that are too heavy that they can’t be easily maneuvered.

How deep should the strainer be? The deeper the fine mesh strainer, the better. Don’t get too shallow strainer because it can’t handle a lot of food that it might take you extra steps before finishing straining. Get a strainer that can handle at least six ounces of food or depending on how much you usually strain.

Get a strainer with enough diameter to make it fit into a bowl. The usual bowl is six inches in diameter. You can get a fine mesh strainer with the same size or smaller so that straining food will be easier and faster.

A fine mesh strainer is not a big purchase. So it is ideal to get it from your local store instead from an online store. Purchasing fine mesh strainer online will only be ideal if you will buy in bulk. If not, then your local store can already give you a good variety.

It’s also ideal to buy fine mesh strainers of different depth and sizes. Some brands have a set of fine mesh strainers. If you don’t want to go through the hassles of choosing, then a set of fine mesh strainer is a great deal. This can be more expensive but the price will surely be worth it.


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