How To Buy a Plumber's Helper or Snake

Clogs in your sink, drain or even main pipes could really be a problem if left untreated. Good thing that a Plumber’s helper or snake could fix this problem. Armed with the basic know-how and use of this equipment, you can easily unclog all obstructions.

There are many ways on how to buy a plumber’s snake, purchasing one need not to be complicated. Just remember these simple advice and you’re sure to have one to fix your household problems.

  • Know what you need. Determine the length and diameter of your plumber’s helper based on the severity of the clog. Estimate the measurements and remember the figures when you start to buy for one.
It’s better to have a rough estimate on sizes rather than buying one that won’t do the job right. Too large would indicate difficulty in maneuvering while too small could prove to be useless to remove the clog. Just choose the right size that can actually fix the problem properly.
  • Hand auger vs. closet auger vs. drum auger. A plumber’s helper or snake generally may be classified into these types. For purposes of cleaning the sink or the tub drain, it is recommended to use a hand auger. You should use the closet auger when unclogging the toilet bowl as its shape helps protect your bowl while doing its job. Lastly, drum augers are helpful in removing huge clogs in your drainpipes.
  • Check the home depot. You can now drop by your local hardware and check on the plumber’s helper that you need. Ask for the availability for your specific size or type of plumber’s snake to use. Home depots appreciate costumers that have the general idea on what they are to buy.
You can also inquire whether there are promos or deals that could be included with the purchase of your plumber’s snake. Be updated to all discount offers by checking fliers and advertisements regularly.
  • Expert’s advice. You can get help from professional plumbers or representatives from the home depot to address your concerns with the plumber’s snake. Remember to give the rough estimates of measurements to help them visualize your problem. Their advices could really help you to determine what kind and size of plumber’s snake to buy.
  • Try online shops. If you don’t have enough time in your schedule to go directly to the hardware, you can always try their online shop. Most home depots have online shops which you can search for different items you need. Look for your plumber’s snake by indicating specifics on the search option. An array of choices will be presented upon your discretion. Purchase the item online and have the option whether to pick it up or have it delivered at your doorstep.

Buying a plumber’s snake would be a walk in the park now as you have all the option in your hands to acquire one. Now you can have a solution to your clogging problems in your home thanks to your new plumber’s snake!


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