How To Buy a Solar Powered Birdbath

A solar birdbath is a solar powered water fountain that uses small solar panels in order to accumulate the sun’s energy. A solar birdbath needs to be placed in a short distance, since this device has short panels that have cords. Its fountains only work when direct sunlight has hit the solar panels. It is easy to set up because it is a self-contained unit. This fountain doesn’t work at night and it doesn’t need to.

Since creatures such as birds need water, you can create a stronger fountain by adding a pump kit into a solar birdbath. This pump must stay underwater to avoid damaging it. The solar birdbath with fountain makes the sound of streaming water, which draws the attention of wild birds into the birdbaths. Brighter sunlight will make the fountain create stronger flow of water.

Many things should come into consideration whenever you plan on investing on this piece of equipment. When buying a solar powered birdbath, you might consider the following:

  • Location Since sunlight is needed for it to function properly, you must first check if the location you want to place your birdbath has enough sunlight. Since it has no electrical wiring or extra pipes, moving its position is easy and positioning it would be no problem. Just remember to place it in a place far from natural predators.
  • Design The lighting system and water feature are crucial to the appearance of the garden. A lot of the equipment’s designs may give uniqueness to your garden. There are designs that disguise the solar panels for more aesthetic purposes.
  • Price You might also consider the price when buying a solar powered birdbath. Its price ranges from $100-$200. This is quite a cheap price to pay, considering that with proper care and maintenance, your solar powered birdbath would last for a long time.

When considering solar powered birdbath designs, you can use the following as a reference:

  • Ball fountains use minimal flow for low splash water features. A polished stone sphere rotates on cushion of water frictionless.
  • Acorn fountains bubbles up the water from the detailed acorn finial and falls down into the circle pedestal sink below.
  • Castle fountains use an effective panel, which is placed beneath the water and discharge the water in the air.
  • Cascading fountains normally come in 4 or 5 level designs. Their pumps send the water into the top vessel, and then drip down through the layers into the sink in a repeating cycle.
  • Duo cascading fountains are two cascading fountains joined together. The pumps are designed to make the water cycle in two ways.
  • Copper fountains are made of copper and these age to a stylish patina over time.
  • Resin fountains are fountains are made of resin and are lightweight. They are known for their great maneuverability. They can also be placed on walls and tables.
  • Terracotta fountains give a country feel with their broad variety of colors.
  • Ceramic fountains are designed with ceramics, ceramic fountains are emotionally calming and aesthetically pleasing. 


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