How To Buy a Talking Clock

A talking clock is great for people who want to wake up to a soothing sound, apart from the usual frantic ring of the bell alarm clock. A talking clock can also be built with plenty of other useful and entertaining features. Here are some of the features to keep in mind when purchasing a talking clock.

  1. Voice. The type of voice which the talking clock has should be one that fits you. Most talking clocks come with a preset of various voices that can be used for alarms and reminders. Apart from this, however, you should also try talking clocks with an option for recording your own personalized messages for the alarm. This is not only entertaining but functional, and will allow you to brief yourself with your schedule and agenda for the day as you wake up.
  2. Sound volume. Apart from the quality of the voice, be sure that your talking clock has a good speaker system that can process acceptable sound volumes. For most people, the talking clock is still an alarm, first and foremost. Because of this, the sound volume should be adjustable and with a volume that will suffice to rouse you from sleep. Keep in mind that voice alarms need to be set at a higher volume since voice has a lower pitch than bell alarms.
  3. Accessibility. Also consider various accessibility options for the alarm. For instance, people with impaired eyesight should try clocks with larger and clearly defined displays. There are also talking clocks that can be used using voice controls and commands, which is useful for people who have difficulty with using their hands. There are other clocks that have buttons that will read the time out loud, which is especially useful for the blind.
  4. Other functions. There are other functions that you should also consider for your talking clock. For instance, clocks that will be used in the office can have built in radio FM and AM capabilities that will allow you to tune in to music while working or while lounging at home. Other useful features are the calendar function which some complex and new talking alarm clocks have.  There are also smaller talking clocks that come in chains, which will allow you to bring the clock along while traveling.
  5. Design. There are hundreds of design options when it comes to talking clocks. There are talking clocks designed after popular television and cartoon characters, there are talking clocks that are designed to look exactly like the classic bell type alarm clock, and there are the sleek and ultra modern talking alarm clocks that will fit well with the polished steel and glass surfaces in most modern homes and apartments. Choose one that fits your style.
  6. Warranty. Finally, consider the warranty that comes attached with your talking clock. Since some clocks can be fairly expensive, you should be sure that you are investing your money in a product that can deliver the goods.

With these in mind, finding a talking alarm clock that will work for you is easy. Remember also to set a budget before purchasing your talking clock, if you want to ensure that you will not overspend. 


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