How To Buy a Used Sleeper Sofa

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In economically troubling times such as these, choosing furniture pieces should be done carefully. The sleeper sofa is one of the best choices, because it will allow you to transform the sofa from seating during day to a bed for sleeping during the evening. The sleeper sofa is also perfect for apartments in the city, which are smaller and have less space for plenty of furniture. Here’s how you can buy a fully functional used sleeper sofa.

  1. Décor. Make sure that the fabrics and print of the sofa is a match for the décor in the rest of the house. The fabrics will spell a huge difference between a used sleeper sofa that looks shabby and one that looks carefully selected and new. If you know upholsterers who can change the fabric covers for the sleeper sofa at an affordable price, you can settle for a sofa that you want but which does not have the color and prints to match your house.
  2. Tears. Next, check the cushions, the arms, and the backing for the sleeper sofa. Make sure that there are no tears in the upholstery, which can cost you more because of the need to repair these. Also check the caster wheels or the stands for the sleeper sofa, and make sure that there are no breaks in these parts.
  3. Under the cushions. Some people purchase used sleeper sofas using visual inspection alone. You will need to flip the cushions, however, to determine whether the sofa is really clean, since there is plenty of dirt that gets stuck in between the cushions. Spills and stains are also often found under the cushions, which you should avoid. You can also try smelling the cushions, especially the underside of the cushions, to determine whether the cushion is clean.
  4. Frame. Next, check for the stability and sturdiness of the sofa frame. Look at the joints and connections and make sure that these are intact. The materials used to construct the frame of the bed will also tell you much about the quality of the product. For instance, sleeper sofas which are made from wood such as poplar and oak are usually some of the most dependable sleeper sofas. As much as possible, avoid sleeper sofas made from iron frames, which are cheaper but which tend to break easily.
  5. Label. Inquire about the manufacturer for the sofa. Once you have found the label, do an online review search for the manufacturer’s other products. If possible, look for reviews about the specific product model. This will tell you whether the sleeper sofa has worked well for other households. Esteemed furniture manufacturers are also a good indicator of whether you are purchasing a dependable product or not.
  6. Sleeper mechanism. Finally, check the sleeper mechanism. The bed should unfold easily and pulling it should not be difficult or noisy. If there are problems with the sleeper mechanism, you can check other models or ask the seller to repair the sleeper mechanism for you.

With a sleeper sofa, you can sit and sleep in one furniture piece. Not only does the sleeper sofa add to your convenience, but it also allows you to save money.


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