How To Buy a Whisk

The whisk is one of the basic tools in the kitchen. It is used to combine various ingredients together. Even more importantly, however, the whisk has the capacity to incorporate air into the mixture to create fluffy compounds that will work well with various delicate recipes. With the great selection of whisks available in the market, it can be confusing to select the type of whisk which is right for your kitchen. Here’s how you can buy a whisk.

  1. Purpose. Determine the purpose for your whisk. Keep in mind that there are specialized whisks that can be used for eggs, whisks that can be used for stirring drinks and beverages, and whisks that are used for baking. One type of whisk will not work for anything except the food that it is meant for. The usual meals that you create in your kitchen should be the guiding compass for determining what whisks you need.
  2. Types. Be aware of the different types of whisks available. The thermometer whisk is important for dishes that you need to mix while maintain a specific temperature. These are usually digital whisks that will give off an alarm to remind you when the temperature has dropped and the mixture needs to be reheated. There are also chasen whisks which are specifically designed for matcha green tea. This type of whisk is made from a single stick of bamboo. There are also baking whisks which are made to combine tough and viscous dough.  There are also mechanical whisks that have gears to help make whisking easier. Finally, there is the simple egg whisk which is used to beat eggs.
  3. Price. Like any other product, the prices for whisks are different. The more complex the whisk, the more expensive it is. For example, mechanical or electric powered whisks are more expensive than the manual and hand held whisks. If you have the excess money, you can also purchase mixing machines that have detachable mixing gears which you can change depending on the type of food that you are preparing. This is especially handy if you cook most of your meals yourself, and if you like experimenting with food. Set a budget first before buying a whisk, and try to look for discounts. Purchasing whisk sets from online shops is also an easy way to acquire the cheapest whisks. Make sure, however, that you check the shipping costs first.
  4. Features. Some whisks have more features than others. These extra features can also help you decide on which whisk to buy. For instance, there are some types of whisks that have detachable heads to allow you to change between a sauce whisk and a dough whisk. There are also whisks that are manufactured using stainless steel, while others are made from composite materials. 

Whatever type of whisk you purchase be sure that it is easy to clean as well and dish washer safe. After using your whisk, leave it in a dish of hot water to allow the residue to fall of the whisk wires, for easier cleaning.


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