How To Buy Air-Entrained Concrete

Air-entrained concrete is one of the most significant advances in the cement and concrete industry.  Introduced in the 1930’s, air-entrained concrete incorporates certain chemicals and integrated microscopic air cells into a concrete mixture that provides more resistance to water and pressure.  This technology enables modern concrete to weather out the cycle of wetting and drying.  It provides more concrete resiliency to pressure from constant heavy loads passing through the concrete.  Air-entrained concrete is used in bridges, airport runways, and highways as it ensures longevity against the elements and wear and tear.

  1. Modern cement and concrete companies are the major suppliers of air-entrained concrete.  Check out all the local cement and concrete companies as air-entrained concrete is better ordered as will need to specify certain parameters in the mixture depending on what you plan to use the concrete on.  Make sure you are able to relay to the company what you are building so that they can advise you the best parameters and specifications of the concrete you want.   
  2. When ordering air-entrained concrete, you will need to specify the type and percentage of the bubble mixed in the concrete. The type of bubble and the percentage of the mixture will be determined on what you will be building and what pressure and load the structure will carry.  Roads, bridges, and runways use a heavy load-bearing mixture of bubble at a 5-8% mixture per square inch of concrete depending on the weather conditions where it will be built on.  These are all significant as the bubbles will provide the air pockets or voids in the concrete to weather the pressure and the elements.
  3. For structures that will face a variety of extreme elements, you will need concrete with an ample supply of air pockets to enable the concrete to absorb nature’s pressure.  This will greatly enhance the lifespan of the concrete.
  4. If you require a strong structure that can support extreme weights and pressure, you will need special high-strength concrete.  The entrainment process of this type of concrete will require a minimal air mixture to perform the function when it cures.  This type of concrete will be less to resistant to weather.
  5. It is crucial for you to know the calculations needed for the concrete and the function of the desired structure.  If you are not an engineer, this may be a little difficult.  It is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an engineer to ensure that you order and purchase the correct air-entrained concrete.

Air-entrained concrete is a fantastic innovation in concrete technology that has industrialized our world and ensured proper and reliable infrastructure to support daily life.  With its inception, it has lengthened the lifespan of all cement and concrete based structures in the world today.  Air-entrained concrete is a must use when building any type of cement or concrete based structure.  Ordering and purchasing it may be a bit complicated but as long as you know what you need it for and how strong you need the concrete to be, it should be fairly straightforward.  


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