How To Buy Bump Proof Door Locks

Fox News came up with a special report about the growing threat of bump keys. Bump keys open any door, you read it right ANY DOOR – with a just a few taps and a twist. No door locks are safe where bump keys are concerned, at least in the case of traditional door locks. It’s so masterfully grinded that it carries the alias “Master Key” only that its masters are thieves.

Scary, isn’t it? Well, there is a silver lining. Aside from hiring a professional locksmith who can counter this threat by installing the latest door locks (and yes, locksmiths have been aware of door-bumping for a long time now) you can buy bump-proof door lock this way:

  • Find locks that counter bumping. Upon being presented with a set of locks that purposely prevent bumping, take one and ask the locksmith if it has angles on the insides of the pins that will make it difficult for bump keys to tap.
  • Test the door lock to find if it is bump proof. There is no way to tell if the door lock you are eyeing is bump proof until you test it yourself. If you recall, it was mentioned somewhere here that locksmiths are aware of the existence of bump keys. You can be sure they know how to make one. So then, ask the locksmith to make one for you and show you how to bump a lock. This won’t take long. Then, test your newfound knowledge of bumping locks on your own locks. See what happens. If it opens, you know what to do.
  • Specify that you want magnetic locks. These have pins that magnetically align with the door’s mechanism or internal system that makes it hard for bump keys to easily slide into the keyhole.
  • Choose thicker rows of pins. The more pins, the harder it is for a bump key to open. You see, bump keys are grinded in a way that only bumps a few pins, which is more how traditional door locks are made. Ergo, the more pins you have, the harder it is to bump.
  • Try double locks. Or medical locks and keys that have pins that swirl as opposed to moving up and down. This is one mechanism that also makes it harder for those who use a bump key to enter your home.
  • Invest on CyberLock® System. It is an investment because it is pricey. Falcon and Arrow are two of the systems offered to protect your locks. There’s also a Bio-lock system that uses the heat from your hands to read your biometrics. Everything is electronically-operated and cannot be duplicated. Now your only problem is how to operate it during a power outage. This is going overboard but necessity is the mother of invention. If you need it that badly, you know which one to pick.
  • Look into the possibility of turning keyless. Like the ones hotels use for guests to enter hotel rooms? That’s called a keyless entry and for something like $300.00 you can have a set installed. This is more elaborate but if you have gazillion valuables to protect inside your home, this might just be what you really need.

It takes one to know one and lock pickers (the good kind) actually have a website that tells people which locks are easily bumped with bump keys and which ones are infallible. Check out TOOOL or The Open Organization of Lockpickers for more information about home security.


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