How To Buy Citric Acid Powder

Putting citric acid powder in water

What is citric acid powder? Citric acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits, and it helps preserve large amounts of Vitamin C in foods. Citric acid powder is used for many different things around the house, from canning and growing your own sprouts, to cleaning and adding to soaps and other handmade creations. Buying it in bulk from health food or other wholesalers is the best way to buy citric acid powder, especially if you plan to use it in large quantities.

First, look for food grade citric acid powder, because it's the most pure form of the powder. It's used in a variety of foods, like in raw fruit to keep it from turning brown, and it gives the sour taste to sour candy. Since it's a natural ingredient, you can use it in the kitchen without worrying about any health concerns. Many people use citric acid when they are canning or preserving, because it acts as a preservative and maintains Vitamin C levels in the cooked foods. If you grow your own sprouts, add a teaspoon of citric acid to your soaking and rinse water to keep your sprouts from spoiling. You can add a teaspoon or two to canning mixtures, too, to preserve the color and Vitamin C.

Citric acid is also used in dying fabrics, it acts as a fixative for the color, and you can use it instead of vinegar when you use acid dyes on your fabrics or wool. Perhaps one of the lesser known uses for citric acid is as a cleaner. It's the main ingredient found in many cleaning products, including those powders you can buy to clean out a gunked up dishwasher or washer. If you buy your own citric acid powder, you can get the same results for far less money. Just fill your dishwasher detergent cup with powdered citric acid, and run it through a regular load without any dishes. Your dishwasher will come out sparkling clean. You can mix citric acid powder with water and use it as a cleaner around your home, too. It shines up chrome, and it cleans because of the acid in the citric acid. The more citric acid you use, the stronger it will be, so be careful not to make the mixture too strong, it could etch delicate countertops and wood surfaces.

Citric acid powder is used in cosmetics like soaps and bath salts, too, so if you buy bulk citric acid powder, you may find dozens of uses around the home, some that you may not have been expecting!

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